Sunday 3 January 2021

The start - edited

 Bugger I missed it! Further down this post I write about how long I’ve been blogging! Well turns out it’s ten years AND A DAY! 

Here is a screenshot of my very first post! Turns out some things never change HAHAHA! Point still available!!

My last loaves of 2020

The calendar that my friend bought me is very funny
Bluebell sleeping like this makes me laugh. 
I won this gorgeous hand painted bauble, made by my friend’s talented daughter, simply for being her 1000th follower on her new business page. Unique Ink. 
Final fire of 2020
I treated myself to this gorgeous Chas Jacobs calendar

 ( hangs on the toaster wall )

Finished the jigsaw - really enjoyed it! I’ve jigsaw swapped it on with one of the girls n our jigsaw circle! 

Well tier 4 is really not much different for me than all of the others. NewYear’s  Day tea was a delicious ham joint, served with the last of the carrots and parsnips, with cabbage and peas. Delicious.  I’ve shopping coming today - normal stuff really except we bought Mr23 a curry guys book and he requested 7 onions amongst other things to make a giant batch of basic curry sauce! 

Thank goodness we had a cheeky takeaway last night so I’ve plenty of Tupperware tubs for the freezer!!!

Although we do the thing where it’s frozen in a reusable plastic bag in a box that can then be removed and stacked nicely. I’m not one for resolution making at all but I am going to vow to TRY to be better at freezer management! 

Return to school is full of controversy and angst and union letters and discord. Fortunately Monday was always a planned inset day and I’ve no doubt in my mind I’ll be at work Tuesday no matter what wether it’s open as normal or in the rota for key worker and vulnerable children. I know three of my colleagues won’t be at work because they have Covid or are track n traced to stay home. 

Well it’s Sunday, my tree is still up but the rest will started to be dismantled today once the HG retrieves the storage boxes from the loft for me. I’ve decided I’m keeping the battery operated lights down and in my vases etc because I likes them and there is still battery life to use.  It will make me sad to see it all down - but that’s what makes it special- if I did keep it all year like I keep threatening -  it would lose it’s appeal! I’ve also announced the retirement of my glorious Purple robed Santa Claus Tree topper - because my tree is in the window, the back of his robes have faded to a pinky colour! So I will be on the lookout next year for something glorious to put there instead! No angels or fairy’s. It’ll be a spike probably like my Mum had - that’s what I’ll be aiming for. 

It snowed yesterday but has been cold for days, the heating has been on low constantly and the boiler is that old I’m scared to turn it off!!! I’m grateful for the overpayments meaning the £300 credit built up will hopefully have covered this festive period! Temperatures are set to rise slightly next week so it will go back on timed. 

January means it’s time to do the HG books before the 31st. Something that I always complain about! It also means that in less than 6 months I will be 50! Gulp. That also means I have been blogging for 10 years! I need to go find my first post to see the exact date. Some of my readers have been here from the start and are true real life friends. Others are true real life friends picked up along the way! I truly love you all! Maybe I’ll do a giveaway or something to mark the occasion. 

Today will

Involve a walk for Bluebell




Jigsaw starting

TV watching 

Telephone chats

Perfect really. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * only 174 days left** in my 40’s* Radiostar

** if my maths is correct 


  1. You are still a youngster, I keep saying age is just a number, it works for me. No snow here just bloody cold, nice blue skies for a change. Everyone has an opinion on everything regarding this virus, I'm not going to say anything, because it's not that simple, there are so many things to consider, I would not want to be making the decisions in these times.

  2. Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging, that's a fantastic achievement, and here's to many more.
    Christmas is gradually being packed away here as well. I'm trying not to look at the dust I've since uncovered, I'll deal with that tomorrow.
    And, not to worry, I believe 50 is the new 40 ;) X

  3. 10 years, blimey! That calendar looks good. Apparently dogs sleeping like that mean they're totally at ease with us, as they're presenting their most vulnerable bits. Betty does that too, with her head resting in my lap, and it makes me melt with love.

  4. I feel sorry for teachers and parents. They mustn't know whether they're coming or going at the moment. I've no idea why but we've known since before Christmas Tom wouldn't be back in until 11th, which has now been changed to 18th. I've lost track of a few things so maybe that was announced as a national 'rule' for all high schools? Happy 10th blog birthday. Oh, and nearly 50 means you're naught but a spring chicken to me :) xx

  5. Congratulations on your 'tenure', wish I was there from the start! Nil points for me, can't figure what OPTW stands for ...

    Not surprised teachers and all are nervous getting back to school, we all know that children are prime transmitters of viruses, so why on earth are they not concentrating on offering the vaccine to teachers and key workers first. I may be vulnerable age wise but I'm not really vulnerable living wise, all I do is food shop twice a week (bits and pieces for a shielding friend too), attend the occasional appointment in town, apart from that I don't go anywhere near other people, which is the current lifestyle of the majority of my contemporaries.

  6. I'm very glad I found your blog. You have given me so many smiles and so much encouragement, especially on my SW journey. Thank you so much.


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