Thursday 3 December 2020


 Lockdown notices...

after a chuckle from a comment on a Facebook post about how the commenter had had to make herself some new clothes because she'd grown out of her old ones during lockdown, I thought, yes,

 I noticed I seem to have grown out of mine too. 

My work friend and I noticed and puzzled at how the spaces between our room furniture have got a lot smaller!!! 

I have noticed how the news of the vaccine has lifted spirits somewhat. 

I noticed though, that I was a Debbie Downer lemon sucker, thinking, is this too good to be true? It's like I dare not believe. 

I noticed that coming out of National Lockdown into Tier 3 has made not a shite bit of difference to my day to day life. 

I noticed the gorgeous tree lights on my way to work this morning and it made my heart happy.

I noticed a little one at work being ignored at playtime so I went over and asked them to tell me aaaaalllll about their advent calendar and elf on the shelf stuff. 

I've noticed how I have been actively ignoring the healthy stuff. I've also noticed that my will power seems to have fecked off. 

I've noticed how generous people are despite many hardships and trialling times -  she did it, my wonderful daughter ran her 50 miles and raised over £500 for a cause close to our hearts especially now. I am so so proud and full of admiration for her.


£515 of £150 raised8 days left
Raised by 37 people in 56 days
I've noticed how wonderful the people I follow here in blogland are and how much better they are in the art of blogging than me! Gorgeous posts and photos all of you x
Now then, it was the HG's birthday last week and I treated him to a shoulder and neck massager. I already bought him a lower back one and then a full chair one. Anyway the shoulder and neck one was pictured with a smiley lady looking all calm, serene and smiley with her hands in the handy straps enjoying a deep tissue massage. It has three different speeds and heats up. He tried it. Got comfy in the chair and strewed it about his shoulders and switched it on.  You do here a little noise from the motor as the moving parts get to work. ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH he cried out, OUUUUCH, OOOOOOO AAAAARRRRRR periodically  for about 5 minutes, then the  motor shifted and it was more of an OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH and errrrgggghhhhhhhhhh again, for about five minutes, The motors shifted again, he says to me, do you want a gooooooooooo? I declined. For the next five minutes it was more of a grunt and a groan and a moan. The thing heats up and repeats the cycle again. I was busy playing Candy Crush I think ( Level 4500 plus !! dedication right there ) and I suddenly noticed the quiet as the motor is carrying on. I looked over - HG fast asleep, looking so relaxed! 
So once the motor stopped, he stirred and I decided to have a go! Thinking he is such a delicate flower! I got comfy. I switched it on. I suddenly developed Tourettes with bad swear words coming forth with each movement of the nodules in the pad. Bad bad swears, really loud. Then the middle section which isn't as painful and just as I was enjoying it, it changed to it's third cycle. Cue the moaning and groaning. I do hope the neighbours weren't listening!!! Anyway, I didn't notice but, I too fell asleep. It really honestly did feel like fingers. Far superior to the chair massager. And we both noticed our necks had more flexibility and that night we slept through! The affects of that one massage lasted a full week and I'm about gearing myself up for another go!  The few days after my actual skin and muscle was sore to touch!  No pain, no gain! 
I noticed that after a concerted decision to totally not pick up my phone last night once I was in from work and have zero social interaction, how stiller my brain was. I also noticed that when catching back up I had missed the birthday of one beautiful human being I am so lucky to call my friend.  So wonderful lady, I am so sorry for being a shit friend and not sending you a card or anything when you always remember to send one to me  -  no excuses, my brain is full and now full of regret. Please accept my heartfelt belated birthday wishes Tracy. You are one of my most favourite people on earth x 
I must do better at this being organised stuff. 
Right, it's time for a nice coffee and some telly and knitting. 
Catch up soon
Lots of love from Rachel * Giver of Torture instruments * Radiostar xxxx


  1. Well done to your daughter - she is amazing!
    I have the same thoughts about this vaccine. I just wonder . . .

  2. well done to your daughter ! I've also grown somewhat during lockdown, completely blame it on will power and enforced hibernation !

  3. Well done to your daughter! Very impressive. Please can I ask you details of your massager. My other half is feeling really miserable with aches and pains in his shoulders. It would be brilliant for both of us if I could get something that helped!! Thanks PennyL

  4. Congratulations to your daughter! Very well done!! As for the vaccine at present I am just happy to wait and lets see how it goes....well I sincerely hope. keep well Amanda x


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