Thursday 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve 2020

This goes with the sleeping Bluebell caption! 

Tree 2020
Bluebell Dec23rd 2020

Some little gingerbread men I made for children in my family. 

Fast asleep after putting these all over the bed...

See photo at the top! 

Not sure if this video will work! It’s just some of my dining room! 

 Hello my little festive bloggers, 

First of all I would very much like to say from my heart, thank you for all your kind words after my last post. Thank you. X 

Wishing you all well and the very best day you can muster tomorrow.

My decorations look the best they’ve ever looked and the house is pretty tidy too. Just the HG, Mr 23 me and the dog and a 17lb turkey ! 

When we were hosting Miss 26 and my Ma in law Id asked the but her for a largish one as I always like to freeze a  full breast for mid January. The HG turns it into a crown by taking off the legs that are cooked separately and stripped for the dogs. John the Butcher turned up and apologised as my Turkey wasn’t the size we wanted - I was truly elated,  I thought,  phew he’s giving  me a smaller one! Nope! BIGGER but he didn’t charge me full whack so basically he’s given me

Some free turkey! 

Good job we loves turkey in this house. 

I have wrapped the presents and made up our bed with the full fat quilt and FLUFFY sheets. We need it, it’s cold right now. It’s snowing in the Nortb East. 

The HG has successfully fixed our leaky fridge freezer. He’s also cleaned the windows today and they are sparky. Shamefully the first was on the INSIDE gasp. It’s one of the side effects of the coal fire! 

We will be having a very chilled out day. Typical Christmas dinner with yorkshires. Pudding if we want it is a choice of meringue, brandy snap, trifle if I make it. Decided against even an individual pudding as there is only me that likes it and I am proper fat enough! We will FaceTime Miss 26 and just celebrate how lucky we are right now.

No matter how hard your times are, there are others in ugh much worse dire straits. I’ve set the festive table. Need to find my crackers and put the clean bath mat down in the bathroom. It’ll be me and the boy walking Bluebell tomorrow - I’m hoping for snow so I can take eleventy billion photos of her in it! No doubt she will need a bath and then a baileys in front of the fire and TV for me. 

Right must go make my Yorkshire batter.

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Merry Christmas * Radiostar xxx


  1. I LIKE your little gingerbread men!!

  2. The gingerbread men are so gorgeous! SO is Bluebell, of course.
    Have a lovely time today, packed with happy, loving things and may you get enough snow to thrill your heart!
    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Wishing you Rachel and your family a safe and cosy Christmas :-) xxx Amanda x

  4. Snow would have been wonderful, still I hope you enjoyed your day, Rachel.
    The gingerbread men are delightful. So so sweet. And so is Ruby, which is a good job looking at the first photograph :)


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