Tuesday 15 December 2020

Almost there

 And by there I mean, at the end of term! 

My Christmas tree  is up and the dining room is done. Presents are sorted and I have had a very busy day. Me and the dog had the park to ourselves and she brought most of it home on her fur which meant a nice warm shower -  she will shake on command and normally I can whizz the shower curtain across to prevent the mass expulsion of water  and droplet transference from her to ALL THE THINGS  including me.  Alas, I was too slow with my shower curtain whizz and so now I need to clean ALL THE THINGS! 

Thank you for the comments - and re the neck massager it was from Amazon and I will look up the exact one it was and post the link in reply to the comment itself last post.

Also thank thank you to Tracey for her endorsement for my bag! Also to Sooze too for her kind words many posts ago! 

My laptop battery died before this posted and last week Monday has passed. It was the KS1 Christmas Dinner Day and they came in their finery and the turkey was delicious! They then had their own parties in their bubbles and I got to work from home in the afternoon as I had some training online. It was lovely to do by the lights of my tree. I was able to then do some sewing and hoovered through in the ten minute break! 

Today is the turn of the KS2 Christmas Dinner and I've some more training this morning but in work. It's all refreshing and up to dating the mental health and well being training already undertaken and is coming in very handy as life in a pandemic continues.

Have a very very lovely day all of you.

Lots of love from

Rachel *typing by the tree* Radiostar xxx


  1. Your tree looks wonderful and hang on in there until the end of term

  2. Typing in the glow of your purple tree! Lovely! Thanks for popping over at my blog. Our school has done a Christmas dinner (for the whole school - volunteers cooking - places donating...) for a few years, but no go this year. I have such a sweet class this year, I need to do something special for them on the last day (this Friday). Hope your week goes well. -Jenn

  3. Gosh you sound super busy I feel quite dizzy when I read about all that you have been up to,I bet you can't wait until the end of term. Your tree looks lovely! Thank you for your blog visit, you asked if I had a tutorial for the decoupage, I don't but it is very easy to do and there are lots of tutorials on Youtube, your cherubs would really enjoy doing it.

  4. Your tree is fabulous, Rachel. Only a few more days :) X

  5. Not long to go now. Your tree is just gorgeous!

  6. Your tree looks lovely. I bet the last week of term has been very different to previous years hasn't it what with the new covid rules. I'm just coming to the end of a 2 weeks self isolation stint. Mum got covid and ended up in hospital again and as I'd been living with her I had to lock myself away. Not a particularly hard task if I'm being honest. I have no trouble entertaining myself. Thankfully she's back home and normal duties will resume shortly. Hope you and all the family are well and looking forward to Christmas. xx

  7. Silver and purple! Such a beautiful combination! Your tree is stunning Rachel :-) keep well Amanda x


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