Saturday 28 November 2020

It's going to be a long old night

 Poor Bluebell might have to go to the vets in the morning. I don't think she is 100%. Today was a bonus day as school was shut due to no heating. So the fact that it was below 5C and we have to have windows wide open for Covid ventilation meant that school was closed. Which was a shame as we have not had to close any part of it yet for the Rona. So it actually felt good to go in to meet my friend for a cup of tea and put up a display in hat scarf and gloves. home by lunch meant a bonus afternoon with my girl. 

We had a lovely long walkies, along the canal and then finished with a romp on the field. Towards the end of the walk, madam decided to run into some really tangled hedging and tried to get a blackbird and I did see her slip and twist somewhat but she seemed to be unscathed. We came home and she had a shower and a good dry off and then she settled down for a snooze in her fleece. When the menfolks got home, I noticed she was nibbling at her tail a lot and it was bent down somewhat. She was still having a go at wagging it, ate her tea, had her chew and a play. But about half an hour ago we noticed she was a bit panty and shaking as if she was scared - she ran upstairs and refused to come down - where we are now. 

Anyway, she's settled a bit, cuddled up and quiet on my knee not shaking and not panting. Breathing is a bit rapid so first thing its seeking medical advice. I'm going to stay downstairs with her. Im fully reclined, I have a nana blanket and the TV for now. 

I will also catch up with blogs etc. 

I set up a facebook page called Pawesome Makes purely to see how selling my wares on there goes. I still need to sort out the photos and posts etc and it is linked to my personal page so it's not too bad for remembering more passwords! 

Lots of folks round here have already got their festive lights up and it does look so pretty. I've not done mine yet. Probably next weekend I will do the clean and then that week I'll slowly Christmassify the place. 

I have sad news and good news both cancer related. 

The good is that the HG got his latest scan results and is all clear. That's 4 years now. The letter that came said the next scan scheduled for October 2021 and if clear then he will be discharged! That can't come quick enough! 

The sad is that one of my lovely friends who I have stayed in touch with since High school has terminal bowel cancer. She continued her treatment etc throughout the lockdown but her latest scan horribly showed that it hadn't worked and that there is no more treatment for her. It's taken me a long time to process this really. Not entirely sure that I have. I have supported a lot of my friends through the loss of their parents, which whilst sad, is the normal rite of passage expected. Losing a peer isn't. 


Right fingers crossed me and the pooch have a quiet night. Updates soon. 

Love from

Rachel *worried sick* Radiostar xxx


  1. I'm so sorry Rachel, about both your friend and Bluebell. So upsetting and worrying. It's just so wrong for people to die young isn't it. And we feel so responsible for our furbabies - well, we ARE responsible for them. I do hope she's ok. Glad your OH got the all clear again, one bit of good news.

  2. Firstly - brilliant news about OH :) It doesnt seem 4 years have gone by already.

    Secondly - hope Bluebell is ok or that it's nothing too serious when you speak to the vet today.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I've lost 2 peers this year to cancer - 1 from school and 1 good friend made around a dozen years ago. Neither even quite managed to make their 50th birthday, one still had a primary aged child, the other 2 at uni and a small grandchild. And due to the pandemic their lives couldn't even be celebrated by getting together afterwards :( I agree that losing a peer still seems a shock - and brings with it the dawning of a realisation of our own mortality. (Partly inspiring my weightloss (although not as fab as yours yet - I've still a way to go!) - I want to give myself the best chance of a longer and healthier life that I can!)

  3. So glad that your OH has had the good news, fingers crossed for Bluebell- hopefully a simple case of painkillers and rest. So sorry for your friend xxx

  4. I'm so pleased to here HB good news, I have been discharged a few years ago and will pass my 10 year soon. I'm so sad for your friends news, you feel so hopeless, BIL had a terminal diagnosis, its just horrible, I had the survivers guilt for ages. Give Bluebell loads of cuddles it will help you both. Xx

  5. Poor Bluebell I hope that it's nothing serious and that today she is fighting fit. Great news for HG but so sad for your friend, I lost a dear friend to cancer 18 years ago and last week I heard about another whose cancer has spread all over and theres nothing to be done except keep her comfortable, it's not easy to accept. I think we all need to stop eating too much but lets face it what else is there to do. I hope you have a peaceful weeknd. x

  6. Really hoping Bluebell is well again soon and there's nothing too wrong with her. A day off school is always a treat and at least the cause isn't virus related - not directly, anyway.
    I'm very sorry to read about your friend. Much love to everyone concerned.
    Brilliant news for HG though.

  7. All the best Bluebell...and a peaceful remainder of time left for your friend. x

  8. Poor babe!! Do hope Bluebell gets well soon!! Great news for HB...big sigh of relief I bet!! Extremely sad to read about your friend....just so hard to manage. Hugs!! Amanda x

  9. Oh no. I do hope Bluebell is OK. Our fur babies are such a cause for concern at times aren't they. I hope she has been OK today and that (if you needed to visit) your only veterinary issue is the bill.
    I'm thrilled your HG's scan results have come back clear. It must be such a relief for you all as each year passes.
    I'm so sorry to read the sad news of your dear friend. Life can be so cruel and senseless at times. X

  10. Brilliant news that your HG is doing so well. Hope Bluebell will recover quickly and her tail not damaged.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my Brother two years ago to cancer and he was 10 years younger than me, also our nephew's wife in February, she left behind an 8 year old. It's just awful and there's nothing you can do. Sending you hugs and a lot of strength. xx


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