Wednesday 4 November 2020

Back twerk.


Yesterday saw us back to school. Much of a muchness. a handful, nay not even that of childers off self isolating due back Monday so it gladdened the heart to hear the rest of them  -  excited chatter and delight at being back at school with their friends. 

Apparently there is a petition ( isn't their always? ) telling the government to shut the schools. As a safeguarding officer I say NO DO NOT SHUT THE SCHOOLS. I'm specifically talking about primary here. Secondary is a whole different massive kettle of fish  - numbers of pupils to start with coming from all over the place and more able I would say on the whole to access independent learning. Not all, but most. Enough politics from me! 

I wonder how USA has voted - I've not switched the telly on yet. Just enjoying some peace and quiet with a coffee and Bluebell before getting dressed ready for work. Yes I am blogging in my PJs.

Positives of COVID - my findings

there's two main ones for me. 

1, Childers now have to come to school in their PE kit on their PE day. This is awesome for three reasons

a] No missing 15 minutes of a 30 minute lesson because of getting changed

b] No PE bags to trip over in the classroom

c] NO 'Miss I haven't got my PE kit' stress of me having to go search for effing spare PE kit for children who never have their kit and the worst offenders - the ones who did after school sports clubs and then went home in their kits never for it to return on the right day. 

d] 100% of childers now remember what day PE is and come ready for the day! 

OK that was 4 awesome reasons.

Another positive for me is the ability to bring bra O'clock as forward as I like without the fear of folks nipping round of an evening! 


Missing going to gigs. I was there. Facebook memories keeps me updated with all the big concerts Ive been to in the past. I miss that buzz of getting a ticket. The anticipation beforehand, the buzz from the crowds of like minded people surrounding you and the anonymity of being able to actually dance like noone is watching!

Now then - my darling daughter has pledged to run 50 miles in November in aid of Dementia and has already raised £255 in sponsorship ( £150 is her target ) - if you would like to support this incredibly needed charity then drop me your email in the comments and I can send you the link. I ask you don't publish it as you know I need to remain as anonymous as I can on here. Thank you.

Oh and yes I did manage to secure some of the white poundland sparkly wool - the sleeves are underway and no doubt there'll be a show and tell pretty soon. My dog bags are available to buy if any one would like to see details etc again just droop me a line and I've also made some little peg bags £10 if anyone would like to buy one!! Waterproof outer fabric, fully lined with handy clip that snaps onto your line. I find the coathanger ones very very annoying! I'll be adding more designs soon. 

I rescued my last hurrah of Blue Rhapsodies from the garden to save them from the stormy weather. No filter was applied - they really are the most gorgeous colour and the scent of sweet perfume as I wash up pleases me. 

That's enough begging from me and absolutely zero obligation to buy, donate or comment etc on any of the above!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday - it's going to be bright and cold. We have had enough rain for now thank you!

Lots of love from

Rachel *glad to be alive* Radiostar xxx


  1. Agree on the bra time comment, can get into my PJ's as early as I want. I plan to read and craft through the next 4 weeks.

    1. That would be my plan too were it not for work!

  2. I would love to support your daughter. Can you send the link via pm on Facebook, please?
    And I agree with you about primary schools and about this PE thing - hopefully it is something that will continue after this is all over.

    1. One thing though Joy that I wondered though re the PE kit thing - not the opportunity there now to observe any unusual bruising or marks now as the children get changed. It's tricky. Thank you so so much for donating! xx

  3. That's great that the sparkly yarn you need is available again! Sure hope this lockdown will do the trick for the Uk. Here they are dithering about doing the same. Gorgeous peg the fabric. keep well Amanda x

    1. Thank you Amada, sleeve 1 is done, sleeve 2 will be cast on tonight. Keep well lovely xx

  4. Bra o'clock made me chuckle. It's not something I struggle with, unfortunately :) but I will assume it is like when I let my hair down in an evening (literally, not out partying). X

  5. Tom is 15 and wearing PE kit on the day is the best thing here as well lol. He's dressed in a flash and looks really comfy. When I rule the world my school uniform would be tracksuit bottoms and a polo shirt, trainers or slippers lol. I'm sure children think better when they're comfy rather than being constrained by a tie and jacket.

    Love all your sewing projects. I'd like to sponsor your lovely daughter so can you text me the link when you've got a minute :) xx

    1. We insisted on slippers when we did full time Nurture group and it was so much more relaxing for the children - plus slippers do not hurt as much when you are being aimed kicks at!!! Thank you so much for sponsoring my daughter - I am very proud of her.


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