Saturday 7 November 2020

A lovely sunny Saturday.

 The day began as usual at 6ish where I went down to let Madam out and for the early morning snuggles. She is a creature of habit. She likes breakfast at 7. Then the Hg got up and got ready to go out to fit someone a brand shiny new front door. If only * I * could have a brand new shiny door! 

I then had a lovely coffee and watched n new to me programme called Sisters on Netflix. It's an Australian show about a girl called Julia who discovers her Father who ran a fertility clinic, substituted ahem himself in the samples and due to his deathbed confession of his crimes - she discovers hundreds of siblings. I only watched episode one but I'm hooked! 

I then set about properly cleaning the dust ridden living room. I've cleaned all the candle holders and refilled the tealights. The wash basket is empty and a few bits have been line dried but the rest is in the drier. The kitchen is clean and the floors have had a good proper hoovering. I've cleaned and laid the fire too ready for a cosy night in.  Every night is a night in, mind you, as I discussed with a lovely friend this morning, such as we are, lockdown life isn't really much different!

Ive had a chuckle over a couple of tweets about the USA elections. One was that in Russia they know the results BEFORE anyone casts their votes and the other was that Boris Johnson is flying over 25 UK Aldi till staff to count the votes and predict it'll be done in 20 minutes! 

In my mind's eye I am picturing the famous opening the  chocolate bars  scene from the original Willy Wonka chocolate factory film where Verruca Salt's Dad has all his factory girls opening hundreds of bars of chocolate to find the golden ticket. As I type I would rather think Mr Trump's days at the Whitehouse are numbered. 

The butcher called this morning and I've some chicken, some beefburgers, bacon, black pudding, sausage and a piece of beef in the fridge, but I do not know what to make for tea. Me and Bluebell went out for a lovely walk in the sunshine earlier and she is still snoozing gently at the side of me. Now I've been sat a while I've kinda siezed up! I feel a bit headachy. So will go hunt down some paracetamol.  Whilst on the field I met a lovely lady walking two little floof balls who told me she'd lost her phone. I actually had mine because I wanted a new photo of Bluebell and although she couldn't remember her own mobile to ring so we could hear it and find it, she was able to ring her Mum who could then ring off her mobile and voila it was found! And then we were chatting at how years ago we had a long list of phone numbers in our heads off by heart! Relatives, friends, the doctors! Now we do not need to remember them as they are all in our phones! 

My beautifully happy girl

Right dusk is falling so I must away to light my candles. I have not done any sewing today but I have started formalising a Facebook page where I will be selling from! looked at Etsy but it boggled my brain a bit and you have to pay a fee which is fair enough, but I don't think I will warrant the volume of sales. I will be asking those of my friends already who have bought and used them to see if they give consent for me to use their kind words about my bags!! 

The latest three made are my favourites so far but I cannot show them until Father Christmas has been. Speaking of whom, there's a few houses near me with a smattering of cheery festive goodness in windows - I think people are going early to beat the lockdown gloom. With the news today about a new strain from Denmark I cannot see anything improving yet. Le sigh.

My latest audible listen is From the Oast House by Alan Partridge and it has me laughing like a drain - he really is an awful human being hahaha 

Lots of love from

Rachel * content * Radiostar xx


  1. A sunny saturday here too - a treat after the grey weeks.
    Have a good Sunday

  2. My decorations are staying put until 1st December, I will put them up then, so Will and George gets to see them when they visit on 2nd.

  3. I've used Instagram this year to sell my few makes and it's worked well (300 face masks later, I never want to make another one lol) Good Luck xx

  4. Good luck and hope you're going to tell us where we can find your Facebook page of your craft sales.

  5. I agree with you!! It really must be a bit like Willy Wonka choc factory over in the White house at present at least in name!! What a farce.. I wonder if they Trump & Co are making it up as they go along!! The latest is that Spain is included in the electoral fraud...I don't think the Spanish Prime Minister has even bothered to respond to that accusation!! Looking forward to seeing your facebook page! keep well Amanda x


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