Thursday 6 August 2020

Reverted....for now

Am here, though why Blogger keeps changing is beyond me. firstly they got fried of the frankly brilliant app, then google photos which was so easy to use was finished and now they bring in a new version that I will get use do to I suppose but I prefer to hinge to stay as they are! Are you all set for the 40 degree heat on its way from the Sahara? I'm not going to lie, I'll be a hot Whiney sweaty mare about it! I do have a post in drafts but switching between interfaces has rendered it gobbledegook. Even. More so than usual. So hoping you are all well. I'm off to meet two friends in a socially distanced meet up at an actual pub. The table is booked and I am hoping it's not going to be too busy on a Thursday afternoon. The daughter, her beau and Freddie have left this morning after a lovely few days here. They were supposed to be camping in the Lakes but rain stopped play. Off to find my make up bag and apply a smudge of mascara a must find my best mask too Made with expensive fabric, and have discovered that typing on this old blogger is jumpy, Maybe it's a sign Stop blogging hahahaha Lots of love from Rachel *never will I ever quit my blog* Radiostar x


  1. I've reverted back too. They've changed it twice and I've changed it back twice. I suspect the time will come when we don't get the choice.
    WHy change what ain't broken?

  2. Never can understand why things have to be UPDATED. (The computer at work very often has to have UPDATES and then, it mostly doesn't work properly for several days after.) I am saying nothing against the new BLOGGER, I think there are tiny little creatures somewhere inside taking notes of those who complain and making it harder for I am saying the new Blogger is great, fantastic, couldn't be better!! (Are you hearing me, little creatures?) I wonder if it is good to meet at pubs and restaurants even with social distancing and masks. Can't be too careful, I think. Oh well, stay healthy.

  3. All this change is driving some people crazy. I've been changed back and forth by blogger but haven't found it too difficult. Whatever happened to 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'!! 40 degrees, that's a bit hot for the UK isn't it? I've been in that heat a few times in Arizona, Las Vegas, Hawaii and even British Columbia. I hate it. It's like stepping into a blast furnace, takes your breath away, and I hate to sweat!! It's been low 30s here the last little while but we've had a few rain showers which help. It's actually going to be low 20s for the next 5 days, definitely looking forward to that but not the rain we are supposed to get on 3 of those days. Never satisfied,lol.

  4. It's very frustrating isn't it, Rachel. I couldn't get to grips with it on my cloud book but, since my browser updated last week, it all seems to be fine now. I'll just need to think about it a bit more. Until this change posting had been quite straightforward. X

  5. I'm back on the old version, much prefer that, and I was also sweaty and moany yesterday in the heat !


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