Saturday 15 August 2020

Reverted back to legacy

I still cannot comfortably put photos on and the like. So switched back just to get a post on. Here are the pictures that should have been on my last post. My hibiscus shrubs are glorious BUT sadly something is finding them tasty and there are lots of buds that drop off so easily, particularly the purple one.

The rhapsody in blue blooms were accidentally snipped off by yours truly. Please note my elegant glassware haha anyhoo, you'd really think the Rose would be a bright pink given the bud, but it had opened the very next day already a shade darker - and this beauty fades to al out a slate blue before the petals drop off and it's scent, especially in hot sun is divine. Like sweeties. Not floral really at all. 


6am walkies

Absolutely loved making this Janet Clare bag. 

You would not believe the trauma from posting these photos! I'm going to video it! It jumps about like a flipping frog and I'm far too hot and sweaty and narky to cope!  It's been epically hot and thundery here the last few days! 

This week I've been walking Bluebell first thing daily,  pottering about pleasing myself. Not sure what the weekend holdout The the HG is off for the final two weeks of the holidays before back to school. 

Until then, keeping cool with frozen hot water bottles and a fan! Being peri menopausal isn't helping when the hot flushes arrive, usually at 2am! 
You know last week I told you I'd forgotten the pan of rhubarb? Well this week I forgot about the pan of butternut squash, carrot and swede  I was boiling in veg stock for the topping of my cottage pie! I sc aped off what. Could and actually I quite liked the background smokey aroma flavour. Four days of epic efforts to clean that pan.all sparkly and clean again! I wonder what I'll forget about this week?! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *it's my age* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Sorry to tell you this, but the peri-menopausal forgetfulness doesn't get any better when you've gone through the menopause....worse if anything! (Just to prepare you lol) xx

  2. It's definitely a pain, this new version. I don't know anyone who likes it better. I just hope that if they insist and stop the legacy version, too many friends don't stop blogging.

    Super photos and that bag is great.

  3. I feel for you and forgetting the pans, I am even worse as I have no sense of smell. I now have to set the timer for everything.

  4. Great flower pics, and that project bag is fab.

  5. So your getting old like the rest of us...... well done for cleaning the pan. This new blogger is a right pain in the but!!! it takes much longer to get a post done, and I can't see any benefits for the user.

  6. Alexa is my solution, I don't know how many times I have forgotten eggs that I have set to boil until I smell burning, don't ask me how many pans ive had to throw away. So now i ask Alexa to set a timer or an alarm for almost everything I do, love the photo's I feel your pain, I don't know how many times I've wanted to throw the laptop out of the window.

  7. Those pancakes look almost as delicious as Ruby :)

  8. I think as others have mentioned here the forgetfulness is part of the delightful menopause experience. I can be in one room in my house remember something I have to do in another room and go there and not remember why I went to other room!! It's Nuts!! I am talking about a margin of a few seconds and I have forgotten what I had to do...sigh!! The pancakes look delicious and I bet they were lovely!! the bag looks great!! Keep well Amanda x

  9. I have lost count of the burnt pans, my maslin pan has had many a boil up with rhubarb leaves. I am now starting to process apples, i had to pick almost half the crop as the branches were reaching breaking point. Janet Clare has put out some really good patterns, I have made her crafter apron so many times that i could almost cut it out with my eyes shut. I had a solid year of hot sweats, actually dripping moisture when I walked, then it was all over in a flash. Fingers crossed that it soon eases for you.

    1. I have that apron pattern Pam, yet to make it!


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