Friday 14 August 2020

Decided like the many.... keep trying with this new version of blogger. 
It's been a warm weekend, but think we got away with it pretty lightly up North. Bluebell was walked pre 7am on both days - Saturday my feet got wet through in the dewy grass so wellies were deployed today. We had the whole field to ourselves both mornings which was brilliant as I'd had such a realistic nightmare about the field and Bluebell getting stolen by some men in a big blue van. It was horrible and I woke with a pounding heart. It took me aaaaages to get back to sleep and when I just nodded off - my bladder woke me! 

I started a new little bag which which hold my current knitting projects.

 I made some scotch pancakes and they just taste like the shop bought ones!

 I harvested the rhubarb that's gone mad of late with all the warm wet weather. It's been stewed  - it boiled over so much it flooded down the front of the cooker - where was I? In the garden pruning a bit here and there totally forgetting I'd put it on! Oops! Luckily the HG caught it ( and cleaned it up! ) No one wanted a big meal today which was a good thing for two reasons. 1. I could not be arsed with a big meal and 2. I'd not done my shopping either from the shop or the freezer. The HG had poached eggs on toast followed by rhubarb crumble, Mr 23 had scrambled eggs on toast followed by one of my pancakes, a chopped banana and ice cream - he hates rhubarb. I just had the crumble! I'd had the pancakes fro brunch with streaky bacon with maple syrup on the top - Recipe was on ITV page John Torode and Lisa Faulkner - I'd seen it on their programme last weekend. Only their recipe said makes 10 - must have been plate sized - I made approx 47 smaller ones instead! Reminding myself instantly that I hate making pancakes/dropped scone/crumpet type things that have to be watched and flipped. Much prefer to shove summat in the oven! 
I've cut the grass today. Thanking goodness that I did because poor Bluebell had a runny poo and it would have been even more yakky trying to get it cleaned up off long grass! 
I have been driven to distraction  by BITES. Something found my left leg
eg rather tasty in the night and they keep itching like mad on and off and have HUGE red rings around them. I was applying the  bite and sting cream to no avail - looked at the date - best before 2017 ffs! I took a Benedryl anti histamine and that has settled them down a bit. 

Right I was supposed to be coming on the laptop to do an online shopping order. Can you remind me I need salad cream, eggs and erm...oh flipping heck there was something else out the store cupboard that I cannot recall now. I will have to go down and look. 

Supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow - I hope not - I am not fond of them. My plan is ( unless I wake to torrential rain ) to do my daily mile and a bit with Bluebell 6ish then I have a lot of sewing shenanigans to get up to whilst B sleeps off her breakfast. 
I was going to write something else and I forgot what that was now. ummmmm 

Nope it's gone, bugger it.

Lots of love 
Rachel *forgetful* Radiostar xxx


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