Saturday 18 July 2020

School's out for Summer!

I will have to wait to celebrate as I don't count the weekends anyway but I was awoken ( The squeamish amongst you may wish to avert your eyes ) at 2.18am with THE most crippling bout of D & V I have had in years with the D being epic. Left the confines of the bathroom at 6am ish to do the hokey cokey a few times before the drugs kicked in. What made it 23 times worse was that my lower back kept going into spasm - this is a whole new level of bloody hell why me, I tell thee.

Anyhoo I have spent the day in bed getting up  for a lovely deep hot bath and then went downstairs to the land of the living about 6pm and have had some cornflakes. I am convinced I am becoming more reactive to wheat so I am doing a conscious effort this week and next to be wheat free. I already avoid any bread for reasons of unpleasantness. It'll do me good to enjoy some salad and vegetables next week.

Plans for the 6 weeks do not really include going away on a holiday as we normally would. The HG has made whisperings of finally doing the wardrobes in our bedroom - however....we shall see! We will probable go stay in the NE at the Hotel of Miss (now) 26 and her beau. They are coming here at the end of July. I also must finish my first audio book though to be fair it is a long one. I've masks and head coverings and dog bags to sew. I want to finish my tumbler quilt. The HG bought me a beautiful dress pattern and the fabric to make it for my birthday - so I want to do that. Of course plenty of fussing and slaving after Madam B. Who, you'd think she's be stuck to me like glue being one of those faithful dogs who do not leave their sick owner's side. Nope!

I had a few but very treasured and precious cards, messages and gifts from parents and children but there are changes afoot to my role in September until Christmas. I'm having to dust of my TA cobwebs and drag my classroom practice back out of retirement.  Two days are still devoted to Pastoral Mentoring but the other three days I will be in a class pod. There's been a few staffing changes BUT I am NOT planning on doing any teaching thank you very much. A change is as good as a rest and variety is the spic of life and all that etc. It's my own fault - I am too good at my job hahahaha

I have been fortunate to do some awesome training lead by an amazing Psychologist all about becoming Trauma Informed. I have learnt so much about the brain and every bit of training leads me to wanting to find out more. I was wondering and pondering about going to uni perhaps to study more - then gave my head a shake as I don't think my aged brain would hold the info enough!  The trouble is at work betwixt you and I - there are a few people fully on board with nurture and being trauma informed and how positive affirmations can work and the rest who think it's all mumbo jumbo. I'm getting quite passionate about it and sometimes wonder about maybe taking my skills elsewhere!

OO I am a bit ranty today! We have been watching a TV show called Goliath on Amazon Prime which is crazy good. And now I am on the verge of an emotional breakdown watchingthe Kid's Voice - these kids getting me right in the feels. The one who collects whimzees - he is great!

Right I am away to try and add a photo of Nurse Flipping Bluebell and read around blogland!

Look at the daft mare, every night after tea she rolls round the floor fighting with a blanket of hers!
These are the salted caramel buns I made for the staff jacob's join, Best recipe is crack x amount of eggs and weigh it. Then add equal weights of flour, butter and sugar; add a smidge of baking powder and your flavouring and beat together for 2 minutes in a mixer. The topping was - so , I sliced the tops off the buns as you do to make butterfly cakes BUT I had cheated and bought a tub of Cadbury's chocolate icing, anyway I crumbled the cut off cake tops into the icing with a smidge more flavouring and a drop of milk and mixed it well. Really lovely! Not the prettiest but so delicious! 

Lots of love from
Rachel * hoping to sleep through tonight please* Radiostar xxx
PS - I almost forgot to say a big fat thank you to a very lovely blogger from xxx Go take a look see on her blog!


  1. That is such a good idea; to make diahorrea buns for people you hate at the end of term!!! LOL

  2. When I saw your title, I immediately thought of Alice Cooper and his song. We used to scream it as we left on the last day.

    Have you ever had kidney stones? That's how I know I'm attempting to pass one. Crippling D&V with lower back pain. Takes me down for at least 24 hours. Might be worth checking.

    Anyhoo, enjoy your freedom.

    1. Hello there - to my knowledge I've never had a kidney stone, but if that's what this was I hope I never have it again, I did do a bit of googling after your comment and I will keep it in mind thank you x This morning, it is still hurting but kinda feels more musco skeletal - some is now post retching but most is like it was before I was sick! Anyway plenty of fluids today and forever!

  3. Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I hope it is in the past now! Be sure to show us the dress when you are done. -Jenn

  4. Hope you are feeling better today, 6 weeks will pass very quickly, so can't wait to see what you make. We had a holiday at home this week, it was enjoyable the facilities were great. Planning to visit family in Somerset for a couple of days, strange times.

  5. Sorry to hear you had such an awful night and hope that whatever it was has worked it's way through your system and left and you feel better very soon! xx

  6. Oh dear how awful hope you are feeling better soon! It sounds like you have lots planned for your hols my advice, just go with the flow and enjoy your freedom. Have a great I hope pain free week. xx

  7. Awful...really awful!! I hope you are feeling better. Hugging the loo is the worst! ! As for back pain it could be over straining ...and I'm not joking! What about your holiday then? It seems to me you will be filling your days with lots of things to do but what about a bit of quality time and relaxation!! So necessary! Many thanks for your mention here on your blog. I have poted an entry NÂș for you on my blog here : Keep well. Amanda x

  8. I am so happy to hear about your training. I can think of a few people from my school days who would have gained benefit from someone with that kind of knowledge and understanding.

  9. I hope you're feeling much better now, Rachel. It sounds horrendous.
    At least you can relax over the summer and I'm sure you'll be looking forward to being back in the classroom once again. X


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