Friday 24 July 2020

I love School holidays

Sat here with a post breakfast napping dog at my side. watching walking with elephants marvelling at how damned fast this week has gone compared to last week! Today is mask wearing day or else. I think the rules are too woolly. If you go out somewhere and it's peopley, then wear a mask! The endless news reports of high streets showing members of the public out shopping annoys me because there are so many of them touching their faces, wearing them under their noses etc. I don't reallt watch much news because it is so infuriating and it's also so repetitive.

TV - last night I watched the BBC programme about the NHS where celebrities told their stories of how the NHS helped them. It was a brilliant bit of TV. Heartwarming and moving and too short!  Walking with Elephants is rather good and is current breakfast viewing - one programme to go and I am really enjoying watch Broadchurch old school again - one episode at a time with a week's wait for what's next. I did watch it first time around but my memory is suitably failing enough that I can't really recall the ending.

Books - The HG bought me The Pet Gundog by Les Graham and I've just started that. I'm STILL listening to The Stand by Stephen King on audio book whilst I sew or in the kitchen.

Food - Mr 23 made vegetable samosas yesterday from the Hairy Dieters book and boy he did good. Very very tasty. I made meatloaf with a tomato glaze - really tasty and something different with mince. I've been using stuff up out of the freezer this last week so I can see what is in there and give it a clean.  Since my bout of illness I have been wheat free as much as I can and already the bloating has gone but I would give my right arm for a slice of thick white homemade bread! When I can I will try some gluten free but not convinced it's gluten - more the wheat itself? I'm not worried enough to go get it medically checked out as I can survive with other things. And interestingly, my arthritis is much less painful when I steer clear of wheat and sugar.

Washing - not got a full load today so will wait until tomorrow when there will be 3 loads from nowhere!
Dusting - some dado rails have had attention
Tidying - bits and bats here and there

Bluebell - been to the field daily. Training her to sit and wait for longer periods of time. Also training her to sit with a line of treats in front of her, I then stand away, she sits and waits and I turn my back! First attempt  - the treats were gone before I'd even turned! Yesterday was I was turned round to a count of 3! Its just brain training for her really. In the Pet Gundog  I've tried two new  brilliant commands I've done is 'too far' which protects her recall command when out and about and she really does come back when told too far! The other is 'not you' in order to ask her to not follow me from room to room until I want her to. She is making progress with this! Or is it me making progress?

Crafting -
Knitting - still waiting on wool - the local poundlands are still out of the white but fingers crossed because the lovely Amanda from Crafty in the med is sending me a ball of sparkly white!
Sewing - masks and scrub caps - people are now asking me to make them for money! I will never be a good business woman because I'm rubbish at charging - which is daft because I use good quality stuff and everyone who has something sewn by me tell me how good it is ! I also spent yesterday making something so utterly charming but I cannot show you yet apart from a little teaser because they are for birthday presents for friends of mine. I'd be perfectly happy if I could be in my craft room the whole time and not have to bother with housework and feeding people and then the clearing away ( even though we all do our bit )

Garden - Andy the Gardner came yesterday and tackled my unruly bay tree - it's back under control now and he complimented me on my hibiscus ! The rains absolutely battered the big white frothy thing at the end of the garden so I will go and chop into that a bit later on. The lawn was cut on Tuesday just in time for it to rain and make it grow again!!!

Photos - to illustrate this post!
Scrub caps for my nephew's gf who is a dental nurse.

Mask made from denim look cotton and rather nice liberty print!

RIP Christmas Robin, you were tasty. 

Bay tree  -  grown by me approx 26 years old. 

Face mask for me with matching pink elastic!

Added this because I never fail to be amazed that I can join a straight piece of fabric to a curved one!

Sneaky peak of top secret project!

Off to see my Ma and then my Pa later. Am going to go spray the bathroom with cleaner - do a little bit of sewing whilst it works then a quick clean up and dishwasher emptying etc before I walk the dog on our visits.  Sad news for the family as my Dad's eldest brother died on Wednesday night in hospital  - non COVID thank goodness. He was so lovely, really a wonderful gentleman and will be hugely missed.  This is when being a grown up isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Lots of love from

Rachel * Happy to be on holiday* Radiostar xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear the sad news about your uncle, Rachel. I'm sure he'll be greatly missed.
    No full load of washing today!? How does that happen. I'm on my second load of the day already. X

  2. I'd gladly loan you some washing if you're at all bored...Condolences on the loss of your uncle. x

  3. Sorry to hear your uncle has died Rachel. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family for your very sad loss.

    Is your secret project hand stitched? It's a joy just to look at the stitching, so incredibly neat and even!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news that your uncle has died. Sometimes being grown up sucks.
    Your bay tree looks magnificent. My parents had a bay tree that was a tall triangle. A black bird couple used to nest in there every year.


  5. So sorry to hear about your Uncle Rachel. Love the Mickey Mouse cap and face mask. All our dental appointments have been cancelled until further notice but I'm assuming we could go now if it were an emergency. We don't have a Poundland or I'd have had a look for some wool for you. I'm intrigued to see what the secret sewing project is going to be. Is that a hand sew blanket stitch? It's really neat. xx

  6. Condolences on the death of your uncle.

    Your bay tree looks absolutely brilliant, I love it! We've taken quite a few trees out of our garden, it was so overgrown, so I think it's time to put in something new. I always feel bad that the blackbirds lost their nesting site.


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