Saturday 11 July 2020

Saturday with one week to go

One working week to go until the glorious 6 weeks holidays and boy does my brain need a break! Our school is totally shutting. WHICH in a sense is crazy, because, key workers aside, how come all the vulnerable childers who are needing to be in school this week, because they are vulnerable, suddenly won't be in school the week after? Is there a switch that transforms them into just ordinary run of the millers??
Me and mine are still social distancing even if lots of others are not.

Thank you to the lovely messages from my last post. I will go look see in town when I'm off. There's sure to be some in stock soon. This is the pattern for those of you who asked.

Today we were at the shore for the first time since February. It wasn't too peopley and Madam thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She needed a shower when we got home, and then slept the rest of the day away. Yes she does have 2 beds.
I watched Shirley Valentine for the first time in years. I love that film! This evening we watched The Voice kids. I think they were all brilliant tonight! I've watched a few you tube tutorials on crochet - I WILL get to grips with it. I've done the online shop for Morrisons to come tomorrow morning. Two loads of washing line dried. Burger and crispy potatoes for the boys, leftover lamb and Pearl barley stew for me. A gammon joint is soaking in the fridge for cooking tomorrow and I'm deeply tired out. The HG has put a film on but it's not holding my attention at all.
That'll have to do
Love from Rachel*tired* Radiostarx


  1. Aww, look at that little tired doggy! Don't they look adorable when they're asleep? Betty's the same. Hope you sleep well Rachel. I'm sorry the card hasn't materialised :(

  2. I love that satisfied-ly tired feeling that comes from a fulfilled day. Hoping you slept blissfully well.

    It's a lovely pattern - someone will look a dream in it. Fingers crossed for the yarn.

  3. Bluebell looks so clean and soft, I want to just reach out to her. Nothing beats a busy day followed by a great nights sleep, hope you are now refreshed.

  4. Hello :) I don't understand the way of thinking about lots of things at the moment. One day something isn't allowed the next day it is as though something magical has happened in the space of 24 hours.

    The matinee set is gorgeous. I knitted a lovely lacy blanket for Amy while I was pregnant and a bonnet with ribbons to match which I still have although I'm sure the ribbon ties would be a H&S issue these days!

    Crikey, Shirley Valentine is a blast from the past. Educating Rita is a film I always enjoy watching as well. Bluebell looks done in. A bit like me these days lol. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  5. That's one very happy little girl there. I look much the same after a day at the beach :)
    I hope your last week at work goes Ok and you can relax and enjoy a well deserved break over the summer. X


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