Sunday 31 December 2017

Drawer number 2

So this is the after shot of drawer number 2. I did do it the day after drawer number 1 but just getting round to blogging it today. Yesterday I was sick as a dog. Not sure if it’s what Miss 23 had or if I’d eaten something dodgy, but it rendered me useless for the day. Happily I’ve woken up much better this morning. Not totally tip top but a zillion times better! Anyway here are the contents of what I found in drawer 2. It had got to that barely enough room to open n shove something else in! For this reason, I’m not looking forward to drawer 3 because that’s the worst! I will do it after a cup of tea! 
So drawer 2. 
Paperwork/receipts for burning x3
Paperwork/receipts for filing x 3.
Cotton bud x 2 - assumption is they are clean 
Sanitary towel x 1 - unopened! 
Compass x 1 - for finding your way 
Envelopes x 77
Indian takeaway vouchers x 10
Sticky pad thing for car dashboard to put sat nav on x 1 - didn’t work but clearly not enough reason to throw it away. 
Pens x 21 ( inc yesterday’s drawer clear ) + 1 pencil 
Light bulbs - various types
Medical dressings ( unopened )leftover from kidney removal x7
Name banner - for birthdays
Doggy poo bags - obvs for Freddie
Our wills
Batteries ordinary x2
Batteries rechargeable- 7
Corkscrews x 2
Keys for top box for car
Yankee candle tea lights wax melts & car fresheners - loads
Old tax disc - from 2015
Kilt pin
Padlocks- for a suitcase from when Miss 23 went to NZ
Pegs- 2 - no idea why 
Tomy room thermometer when kids were little - battery must have run out! 
Photos of the kids
USB pen - been looking for that for ages
Golf multi tool x 2 ( he’s not even been in 3 years!!!! )
Battery recharger x2 - for all the rechargeable batteries 
Packet of quartz glow stones- no one knows who they belong to or from whence they came! 
Money - 5p
New handles for windows - not for my windows
Baubles - back on the tree 
Tennis ball- Freddie’s
A glove - plain black. ‘Not mine’ when I asked Mr 20 and the HG. Well it’s not mine. Must be Freddie’s!!!
An old camera - digital one
Leaflets- for days out
Stuff for a thermal foot bath - belongs to the HG! 
Various wires and leads I have no idea what for
Sunglasses - Miss 23s we think
Penknife x 2
Roll of insulation tape
Scissors - these last three sound like a murderer’s toolkit!!! 
Mini screwdriver - I’ve been looking for this for ages
Blu tac
Pizza oven instructions
Map of wales
Fancy silver ribbon 
Things that I’m throwing away
Packet of French radish seeds sow by 2014 plus millions of other rubbish

Pile of stuff for HG to say yay/nay to. X a billion - included above leads n other assorted what I’d call man crap! 

So this drawer is still full of crap, but it’s tidy. All the batteries are in one place and the pens! 

Thought I’d share a few photos. 

This is a lovely vintage cake plate gifted to me by my ma in law. It’s so pretty. 
The necklace below is one exactly like I bought Miss 23 for Christmas. The name of the crystal is Lightning sun and it’s truly beautiful and on the back of my SW achievement I treated myself to it out of my Christmas money. . I think it’s beautiful.  

Saw these on Amazon and they made me giggle. But I was almost tempted to get some for the Spring! 

Right, a much needed cup of tea I think after existing on one glass of flat lemonade with ice yesterday. It’s my go to drink when I’m sick. 
Last day of 2017. I’m not even bothered about celebrating NYE. I don’t see the hype! Much prefer Christmas! I will leave my tree up until the 6th but I’ll be taking my cards down tomorrow and making them into tags for next year. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *drawer of shame next * Radiostar x 


  1. How on earth did you fit all that into a drawer? It's almost genius.

    So glad you are feeling better today and I love the cake server.

    J x

    1. I don’t think the drawers are overly big! I guess I’m an expert crammer!! My cake server won’t be serving cake for a while yet!! X

  2. You need that Japanese Art of Tidying book that I bored everyone with earlier in the year. My drawers have stayed tidy as a consequence and even the teenage bedroom isn't bad. Happy New Year xx

    1. I think much like the wicked witch in wizard of oz melts if she comes into contact with water - so would I dissolve away should I touch the pages of such a book!! Happy New Year back to you xx

  3. We are again staying with my brother in the village in Somerset where we grew up, tonight we wonder around the four village pubs, bumping into loads of my school friends, for me it’s a brilliant night.

  4. The cake plate is beautiful as is the necklace

  5. No, no, no, no, no.......I will not be tempted to start turfing out drawers. The sewing room is nearly ready and I wanna be doing stuff in there.
    Your drawers must be like Mary Poppin's bag to fit all that lot
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Happy New Year to you and yours my friend.

    1. Happy new year back t you lovely xxx I’m going in my sewing Pom everyday next year!

  6. That drawer sounds more like a tardis - I'm amazed at how much stuff is in there. Same here with wires and leads, nobody knows what they're for but I'm never allowed to throw them away in case we need them! The cake stand is gorgeous and I love the name of the crystal. Not sure about the gloves though - they're a bit freaky looking. Glad you're feeling better. xx

    1. A lot of little things!! There’s a worse drawer than these three together for the amount of stuff in it. I might save that for the six week holiday!!!

  7. I'm intrigued by the kilt pin and I'm feeling ashamed of my drawers.
    Happy New Year to you and your family Rachel. X

    1. A kilt pin that was mine and then I used to decorate Miss 23’s little tartan skirt when she was little. My kilt was a proper one from the Edinborough Wool Shop with leather buckled on it too. I remember my mum used to tack down the pleats before washing it. I loved my kilt and felt so grown up because I matched my mum in hers - though my kilt pin was smaller!

  8. Best wishes for 2018. Loved the vintage cake stand.


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