Saturday 1 October 2016

October 1st 2016

All of a sudden, it seems like the weather has realised it's October. It's chilly, damp and windy. September has seen me too hot and grouchy because of it. My bloody heels are rubbed raw and blistered from having to wear shoes when it was too wet for sandals. Grrrr.

Thought I'd share a couple  of my  newest favourite Freddie shots. 

Freddie at the beach pretending to be a kite! 

A rare shot of him being still! He's so clever and now gives his paw, lies down and stays on command.

He's growing fast. He's actually in my house, right now. Miss 22 and the beau and puppy came last night to surprise the HG. 

 These were my  glittery efforts for yesterday's Macmillan coffee morning held at school. Quite apt right now, as we have our own Macmillan nurse. I'm not going into it here but I think if you click my name in the profile bit you'll find a new separate blog. 

Quick, let's have a chuckle. 
Yesterday I was reminded of my very favourite pupil who left last year. The one who has had in in stitches for a long time. Well the teacher I worked with used to run a weekly raffle. There'd be a big box of prizes and the children were rewarded randomly for effort, good work etc with a raffle ticket. The draw took place on a Friday afternoon. 'And the winner is' would be performed by the teacher along the lines of 
Teacher: Class, stand up.
And the winner is....
A girl, ( so all the boys would sit down )
This girl has.......blonde hair ( so all the brunettes would sit down ) 
This girl is wearing black shoes etc etc 
The kids love it. 

This was the first time for our new class. 
T - Class stand up.
And the winner is.......a boy ( girls sit down )
This boy is.......not wearing shorts ( boys in shorts sit down )
This boy is.....wearing a school jumper..

Me to Favourite pupil who is suddenly very busy with something - what ARE you doing??? 
FP - Putting my jumper on!!!! 

Let me tell you, that day we ran two raffles and we might have 'fixed' the outcome of the second draw! FP went home a happy child! 

Right I'm off to make breakfast for my brood and to have some Freddie love! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *please don't comment about the other blog on here because I won't publish them* Radiostar xxx 


  1. He sounds lovely! I am 51 and a 1/2 today! xx

  2. Aw - dear FP, how lovely! So glad he was happy about the second raffle - how amazing was that, eh? :-)
    J x

  3. Love seeing Freddie he looks so full of fun, love the class room ethics, so thoughtful when around children.

  4. Freddie pretending to be a kite.......I love it.
    Those cakes look gorgeous. My DDIL had a small but very profitable coffee morning yesterday and hopefully by the time all of the donations are in she will have raised over £200-x-

    1. That's a brilliant amount. Well done that lady!

  5. DD is a college lecturer who works in a Special School for secondary aged pupils on Fridays. They did their first "live" event yesterday as a Macmillan Coffee Morning and they did themselves proud. We went along for support and were delighted to hear that the event had raised £210. Catriona

    1. Well done those young adults! I'm here with a gently snoring FREDDIE!

  6. Haha so funny I'm glad he won the second time round. Freddie is so cute! :) xx

  7. Haha, that is so funny, bless him. Freddie is just too cute! xx

    1. It makes me chuckle every time I remember it!

  8. Clever young man! Never can get enough pictures of lovely dogs. We had rain earlier inMidwest US, but this weekend is perfect.

  9. Gorgeous Freddie. The weather is still so mild isn't it? X

  10. That puppy is far too cute. I bet you get nothing done when he's with you xx

    1. I get loads done - and by loads I mean loads of stroking, fussing, playing and endless trips out the back door!


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