Monday 3 October 2016

My first post by Freddie

Well, hello folks. My Nanna has been telling me about her two good bloggy chums Poppy and Ted and what. Clever. Doggies they are for blogging, so I thought I'd give it a go. I hope you don't mind if I'm not as eloquent as they are, but I'm only 14 weeks old and still learning.

 My Mum and Dad brought me to see my favourite Nanna - I always wag my tail for her the most and get all wiggly and giggly. Sometimes I get soooo wiggly and giggly I get a bit dribbly - and not from my mouth! We stayed for two sleeps and I was 'A. Good. Boy.'  I also am ' A beautiful. Boy ', ' Nanna's. darling. Puppy.' and ' Freddie No'. Though I'm not as keen on that last nickname because it always means the delicious thing I'm tasting in my mouth gets taken off me. 

One of my most favourite places at Nanna and Grandad's ( apart from the giant brown comfy bed - more on that later ) is the kitchen. Nanna is ALWAYS in there. It smells so nice. She especially likes me sneaking up behind her, when she's in the Cave of Good Smells. I know because she gets all excited with me. 

We've had some lovely meals ( made by Nanna, washed up by Nanna - my Mum and Dad must be exhausted because they do a lot of sitting down and Nanna always mentions something about waiters and hand and foot?  ). I showed off my new tricks to Nanna. I sat, I lay down, I gave her my paw - I'm not sure why they always want my paw, I high fived and I waited - she gave me the DELICIOUS little cold, hard, green sweeties. I also. Took. Them. Gently. 

Mum and Dad went out for a while which meant Nanna and Grandad were mine. Grandad plays with me. I bring him all my toys including the noisy duck. He doesn't realise I'm trying to give him the duck, because every time I bring it back, he throws it away again. He must like my big blue knotty rope though because we always have a tussle over it and he won't give me it back. When he thinks Nanna isn't looking, he lets me lick lots of tasty things. He eats this white stuff in a pot with a metal stick, but I just use my tongue. It's delicious. 

Here I am on my big brown bed. I say it's mine, but I'm a very generous puppy- I do share it with my folks. As soon as Nanna or Grandad went out of the room, I leap up, and curl up just to keep their spot warm. 

Clearly my Nanna doesn't think I'm warm or comfy enough because she gave me this big comfy blanket to lay on. 

She said it came all the way from a nice lady in Wales and that someone called Ben would know how great in feels to snuggle in!

Nanna did make me Get Down though when I brought my favourite toy up for a play. She said it was wet and stinky. I don't know what that means.

Here I am, laid out on my favourite fluffy rug, resting my eyes. It's hard work being a puppy! That's all from me for now. I'm off to see if I can get that long plastic snake back off Grandad. We had the most fun playing with that. I loved running away with it in my mouth. It was black and white. Grandad said that Nanna would tell me off because she needed it to measure things. It was just so fun to chew though. And I didn't believe him anyway. Nanna? Tell me off???? I don't think so!

I'm going to spend a full week with them in November when Mum and Dad go on holiday. I can't wait! 

Lots of love from 

Freddie xxx 


  1. Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    J x

  2. Brilliant. What a cheeky chappie

  3. That's one spoilt puppy. What is it with grandparents!! xx

  4. Freddie you are so cute, let us know what mischief they get up to when you go and stay x

  5. I think, Freddie, you might just have stolen a few hearts. Enjoy your week in November. I have a feeling you are going to be very spoiled. X

  6. Freddie, I see that you are fast becoming the favourite boy, maybe even more favourite than the humans! -Jenn

  7. What a talent you have for brightening up the blogosphere! Lovely post from Freddie. Catriona

  8. Your little grand-doggy is lovely and Nanna and Grandad are obviously besotted with him. Bet you have all sorts at your home for when he comes to stay don't you :) xx

  9. What a clever boy, Freddie is, and it looks like he had a lovely time at Nanna and Grandad's. My DD1 also has a Freddie, but her Freddie is a border collie and he's not feeling too good to day because he's just had some sensitive bits removed at the vets.

  10. Freddie, we want to congratulate you on your first ever blog post (we're sure it won't be your last). We're also glad to see some sofa infringements going on as it doesn't do to be too obedient, young Pup. Keep up the Good work. Lots of Love Ted and Pops xx


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