Monday 8 August 2016

Third week off

I cannot believe this is my third Monday off already. And this week I'm entering that phase. You know, the one where you can't wear ANYTHING this week because it's been washed and  because you need it for your holidays! This is mainly because I did not get off my fat bum and lose the lbs I needed to get into all the nice summer stuff I'm hoarding keeping until I can fit into them again. And I will. Just not this Summer! This phase also includes a week of strange meals where we will be eating stuff up! The beauty of our holiday is that it's self catering so we can take anything that needs using up, with us! So it's not that desperate where we are having cauliflower soup with a side of eggs and baby bels.
It's being blowing a right hoolie here and it's as wild this morning. With horizontal rain. 

So since I last blogged I've dyed a couple of summer frocks back to their original colour with fantastic results, which gives them another lease of life. One of them being my favourite dress ever in the world ever. It's like Lazarus this frock! 

I made home made KFC. 

It was a Tom Kerridge recipe. Personally speaking Tom, in case you are reading this, I think you are too heavy with the paprikas and the salt. BUT I will never ever ever cook a chicken breast again without first bathing it in buttermilk overnight. Oh. My. Stars, the chicken was so juicy! So I will be doing that for sure. I will try out KFC home style again, but I will be fiddling with the herbs and spices. 

In the garden, the Delphs have all but finished. I've cut them down, so I might get another flourish, fingers crossed. I've had six tomatoes off the hanging basket. There's loads of green ones, just short on long hot sunshine to get them red! 

I can't recall what this us, I'm sure it's got the word 'Japanese' in its title, but it comes back year on year and it's exquisite. Cheeky little viola sneaked into the pot but it's purple so it's ok! 

I know some of you were interested in seeing the wall paper I'd spied. This one is my preferred pattern. 
And if I were to buy my curtains at Dunelm ...

The HG AND ALL MY FRIENDS like this one that I have named Giant Hogweed. 
( Skinny lady in pic is my sister, not me, I think my hips extend beyond the edges of this extra wide paper *cries* )

And I chose a possible curtain in Dunelm 

Anyway, I have bought both papers. Not online though, at £50+ a roll! It cost me just £2 a roll. The unwanted bedroom paper will either go in the hall, in fifteen years when it finally gets done, or go to school for the kids to draw on!! We shall see.

I've washed this jersey fabric and I'm going to have a go at making a frock out of it with a pattern I'm going to draw myself using a frock I already have! First I need to find my pattern paper. But I will do it. My beloved Nanna used to use newspaper! I got this fabric for about £6 so no drastic loss if it goes t*ts up!

I've loads more to show 'n' tell but I'll save it for another day. 

Have a great Monday 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *keep forgetting I've not got black hair anymore so it's a constant shock when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror* Radiostar xx 


  1. I like the colour of the second paper it would make a nice feature wall. I'm looking for a much smaller and quieter pattern for our living room (no feature wall). Are you going to show and tell the frock when you've made it?

  2. I. Promise to show and tell, even if it looks like a pig's ear, which it probably will!

  3. I love wallpaper, although we don't have any as the buns love it too!

  4. Love both wallpapers and both curtains and that dress fabric is stunning-x-

  5. Ooh, Holidays! Exciting. All the paper's and fabrics look lovely. This summer does seem to be going by quickly. Lily will be back at preschool in just four weeks. I bet it will fly by. I hope you're managing to recharge your batteries and relax. Does your new job start when you return in September? X

  6. Love the wallpaper, I cannot hang paper though so it is paint all the way for me. I have plans to sew some clothes in warm fabric, but have to find it first. When ever I try a new pattern I use the cheapest fabric I can lay my hands on. I have some things made from duvet covers and curtains and they are fine to wear, perfect for days spent slobbing round the garden.

  7. Like Carol I love the second paper, lovely combination of colours.

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday.


  8. Love the first bit of the post. This happens in our house. The boys appear all dressed only for me to shout at them to take it off as it's for the holiday. I iron things and hide them and then tell the teens that I don't know where their best jeans are only for them to appear in a case later in the week!

  9. Those wallpaper patterns are lovely. I also really like the first set of curtains. I've never created my own pattern before. It's been ages since I have sewn clothing. Good luck, that was a good price for that fabric! -Jenn

  10. We don't have wallpaper here, yours looks delightful, I don't mind putting it on the walls it's the taking it off, I object to.
    Can't wait to see your sewing. I am cutting up old pairs of jeans to sew them back together again, I just need one pair which belongs to a seven foot person, so I can get 4 very long lengths.

    That's got you thinking.

  11. Ooh - holidays to look forward to - lovely. x

  12. I love both wallpapers. I think the first one is very classy looking which I like, but the second one has flowers and colour which I also really like. I'd be hard pressed to choose. We used to be clothes rationed when we were children the week before holidays. Didn't have that much to wear to start with so no idea how we managed. Where are you off to? xx

  13. Like the sound of that chicken, chick! x

  14. wow, you are a busy lady. Love the colour of your hair by the way. A bold move on your part, but from that teeny tiny snippet, I think it looks really nice.

    I know, time is trickling by nicely. I love school hols. I've returned to getting up early which is good,but other than that, I'm not doing very much at all! ha ha.

    like all your decorating ideas, and hope you show the end result of your dressmaking.

  15. I like both the wallpapers and will look forward to seeing the finished dress too :-) xx

  16. hello.

    just that.

    wanted to stop by and say.

    Hello! xx

  17. You had me at homemade a Kentuckian in Germany, that sounds kinda awesome!


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