Monday 1 August 2016

Things I decide to do, to keep myself sane

Advert Cleaning - formulated before my days of Sky and now Virgin where one can fast forward at will. Back in the day, adverts were often far superior to the programme one was watching. I loved the old kit Kat one with the panda watching enthusiast. Not really that old. I did like the Hamlet ones too. These days there's only the Aldi ones and the Specsavers ones that I think are great! I digress. Advert cleaning would see me cleaning up after tea. Washing up, folding washing, Hoover, sweeping etc minutes at a time. It's amazing how fast you can get stuff done without much effort and I don't feel like I'm missing out slobbing on the sofa in front of the TV because  the dulcet tones of the HG shouting "It's back on!" had me safely back on my fat arse ready for the second half of Brookside or Midsummer Murders or Cold Feet or whatever was on in the 90s! I still do a bit of advert cleaning these days. It's good! 

Counting to 100 steps- formulated to kill the boring bit of my walk into and from town passing the. Triangle. It's just a long stretch of road with nothing to look at really so focus sing on the pavement, counting to 100 steps means that when I get to 250 I'm almost there! 

Mantras and sayings- I have several that I try to abide by. Some of them I'll chant to myself when I'm walking along and I'm fed up of counting to 100. A chanty walking one might be " I'm burning fat, I'm burning fat!"  I always use 'Be kind to yourself.' I try my hardest to stick to 'Kind words or no words.' 
At work I might say, as I go into my imaginary pocket and hand them over ...'Here, have a present, it's some spare full stops because you appear to have run out!" ( Always gets a giggle! ) 

Never ever ever drinking again. Ever. Hmmm  
The leaders of Night Owls had a staff lunch on Wednesday. There's three of us. We lunched at 1pm. I got home after an 11pm Macdonalds. My head was hurty and I was still rolling on Thursday morning! It was a great time but I think I'm going to have to break up with red wine. I think the soft fruity Merlot turned into a sledgehammer in my head! 

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I've sadly said a final goodbye to my trademark blue black hair I've had for years. The grey roots were just so godammned relentless. And being so blooming short meant that EVERYONE could tell that my cosmic blue hair was not au natrel. So, yesterday I had my hair stripped and today I write this blog with a beautiful shiny copper top. With my traditional black attire, I do actually resemble a bloody Duracell battery!! And I do not mean a wee little AAA battery, no, more like one of those giant torch batteries!  The sweet young thing I let loose on my hair chopped away and it's also VAIR short! Eeeek. But it'll grow! She was chopping off the darker well coloured bottom bit. I've been looking in the mirror aghast that my double chins are highly prominent now. The style I usually have is a sleek shiny graduated bob. Now it's really Victoria Wood but


After and before!!! What have I done???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes this is my head you are witnessing! 

Grow hair grow!!!  ( a new mantra just added to my collection! ) 

Right that's the second week of the holidays gone. I'm worrying now that they are going too fast. 
What've I done with my days? 
Monday - went out with my sister and her brood, visited my friend's mum in the Hospice :-(
Tuesday- pottered at home, made a start on new box set watch for the summer, Devious Maids. I like it. It's good. Though I'm starting to talk with a Colombian accent!! With the hair pre Thursday I could pull this off. 
Wednesday - did some sewing, out for epic lunch
Thursday - morning a write off, drastic hair change
Friday - today - out with mum n sister 
Tomorrow I think I'm out for lunch too. Then I think I'll make an appointment at the dentist to get my jaw wired, so I can get rid of the double chins!!! 

The sun is set to shine today. I'm going hunting for washing!! 

Lots of love from

Rachel *You are the weakest link, goodbye * Radiostar xx 


  1. Oh you are a tonic for making me laugh first thing in the morning! Duracell and advert cleaning indeed! You're probably too young to remember the pink drumming Duracell bunnies?
    The strawberry blonde on the left looks wonderful!

    1. I remember those pink bunnies...I am now powering them!!

  2. better a copper top than a grey streaky mop. Enjoy the rest of the hols, of course they will go fast, they always did for me. I have abandoned my woollyness for a stitchy day. My Janome was in a sulk of mammoth proportions.

    1. Oh Pam, so much crafting, so little tiiiime!!

  3. Haha Thank you for getting my weekend off to a cheery start, I'm sure your hair looks lovely it will just need a bit of getting used to, they say that dark locks are so ageing anyway. Yes the time goes so fast so enjoy every bit of your holidays. :) xx

  4. As always you made made me giggle out loud, the time is rushing by. Have a fun weekend.

    1. I'm glad I make people laugh, we'd all be rocking in a corner crying otherwise!

  5. The new hair colour looks good. I still run around during some adverts and during some of the rubbish progammes hubby watches.

    1. I could actually clean a whole row of houses if I did 'rubbish programmes my man watches' but decided long ago that if he was sat in his bum, then so will I!

  6. I don't have to do advert cleaning cos I try my hardest not to watch anything with advert breaks in it.
    The blonde looks good-x-

    1. I have to do advert cleaning some days else I'd not do ANY! Slovenly mare that I am!

  7. Oh Rachel you do make me laugh, duracell battery indeed. I'm sure you look lovely. Really need to think about a colour for my hair. I have grey tufty bits at the side that are getting more prominent by the day. Can't stand the faffing at a hairdressers though so it'll be a £4.99 DIY job.

    Adverts were definitely better in the 'old days'. These days I can watch an advert and have no idea what they're actually advertising until they spell it out at the end.

    Sounds as though you could give me and my pals a run for our money on a night out! We're quite tame compared with you lot.

    We've done 3 weeks of holidays here, another 4 to go. No idea when the 6 week holiday actually turned into 7 but the kids aren't complaining. Right off to cook more sausages to keep Thomas going for the next few days and then for a game of baseball......again! xx

    1. I think the year before last was five weeks and four days - not even six weeks, but then last year was 7 weeks! This, for me, I think is six bang on. Though I'm back at work on the 1st September. No kids though - they are the best days - get so much done!!


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