Saturday 25 June 2016

Birthday No. 45

Here I am, up at crack o dawn celebrating being eternally 28! The truth is in the title and when you round me to the nearest ten I'm in fact 50! But I don't actually care anymore about getting older or aging. It's quite liberating! I've already had several little gifts from the HG but I've yet to open any cards and prezzies. 

We are going off to Fountains Abbey today.  Whilst it is a National Trust property, it's also one of the few places that us English Heritage members can get in free to. The sun is out. Today's going to be a good day! 

I'll just share some purple floweryness from the garden before I go get ready. 

From the top 
Campunala - a big one
Blue geranium
Rhapsody in blue rose
Campunala - a medium sized one
Campunala - a miniature one
And a purple flower ( type unknown to me! ) 

Four of my Delphs in flower. 

Bee and Spider

In my head I'm shrieking BASILLLL like Mrs Fawlty!!! 

That's it for today. I'm off to be spoilt and indulged for the day! Hope the 25th June 2016 is marvellous for you all too! 
Plus it's only 6 months till Christmas and as my Dad likes to point out, the nights are drawing in now!!! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *real age = 9 x 5, bloggy age = 4 x 7, mindset age = a prime number, 19* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Your unknown flower is a scabious. Lovely pics.

  2. Happy Birthday, Have a great day out.

  3. Happy Eternally're a bit younger than me, I'm eternally 39. Have a lovely day out.

  4. Have a wonderful day Rachel. Happy Birthday! Beautiful photographs. I called my last cat Basil so it was all a bit Sybil Fawlty when I shouted for him. X

  5. A very Happy Birthday Rachel, may all your birthday wishes come true! Have a wonderful day and the unknown looks like a Scabious to me. Could even be Scabious Blue Jeans.
    They're lovely meadow flowers, in the wild often occur where there a ants.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Rachel.
    I hope you are spoilt rotten today and have a fab day.

  7. Woohoo - wishing you a very, very happy birthday. And I love the flowers, they are beautiful.
    J xxx

  8. Happy birthday, Rachel!!Hope you have a great one! -Jenn

  9. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have lots of cake :) and save a slice for me!

  10. Have a lovely day my ickle friend x
    Ooohh nice purple flower pics too :-)

  11. Happy Birthday - 50 is the new 30! Have a good day! Xx

  12. happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, BIRTHDAY! Hope you have such a wonderful day. 4 months & then I'll meet you at 45! eeks. xx

  13. Happy birthday hope you had a good day. Love your flowers, Blog land is great, I'm young and slim,which when you cover all the mirrors in the house stays true.

  14. A Very Happy Birthday to you.
    PS I'm only 16 by the way!

  15. Happy birthday. Hope you have a fabulous day. Lovely flowers
    It's mine next Wednesday.

  16. Pah! 45 - still a mere child!
    Have a brilliant birthday, enjoy the day out and many birthday treats

  17. Happy Birthday!! Fountains Abbey is supposed to beautiful, I have never been but hope to one day, beautiful flowers from your garden, have a great birthday weekend. :) xx

  18. Happy Birthday, purple is my favourite colour, your flowers are gorgeous xx

  19. Happy birthday old girl ;-) xx

  20. Hope you had a fabulous birthday you young thing you! Penny Lxxxx

  21. Hope you had a lovely birthday Rachel. Had to laugh at your Dad's comments about the nights drawing in. xx

  22. To grow pips, clean all the flesh from the fruit off them, I rinse using a strainer for ages, then I pop the pip on the soil, with a tiny bit showing in a sunny warm place, it takes time but it works for me, do not crowd the pot, it's best not to repot until you have good growth. It is great fun to grow things from stones and pips.

  23. Happy Birthday!!! Not ready to think about nights drawing in or Christmas just yet!


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