Tuesday 28 June 2016

Best kids in the world

Belong to me. They really really do. I know, you might think it's your kids that hold the title, however, it's mine!

The reason being 
They only went and bought, for my birthday, tickets to see Wales play rugby at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! < This gross over use of the exclamation mark is me trying to convey how deeply deeply SQUEEEEEEEE I feel about this! 

What thoughtful little cherubs. It's a plus point to having grown up working offspring! 

Thank you one and all for your birthday messages on my last post - I shall away to reply to comments shortly. So, what did I get up to? 

Firstly, I was up with the larks. I opened my cards and presents. Hyperventilated ( see above ). I received loads of gorgeous cards this year, especially the best cards off the BKITW. I was showered with gifts from the HG. He bought me too much, I'm such a spoilt brat. As well as a fancy pants new bird feeder and fancy pants seed feeders to hang off it - my Dad, interestingly, told me my neighbours would be getting an ABSO on me if I feed any more birds!! ( This is a true story about a man with mental health issues feeding giant flocks of pigeons - his neighbours got him slapped with an ABSO ) I only have two turkey sized wood pigeons who come clean up the mess the coal tits and starlings leave. My Dad is funny!
The HG also bought me a quilting foot for my machine, a set of feet - some of which I have no idea what they are for - so I'm covered for all footwork! ( I mostly use my J does it all foot but it's the thought that counts! ) I got books, and a Clarisonic electronic facial brush - like an electric toothbrush, but for the face. It's supposed to buff, exfoliate and leave me with glowing skin! He also bought me a whopper bottle of perfume. Julia Roberts made it for LancĂ´me apparently- I can just imagine her in the lab, in a white coat, mixing essential oils! It's a sweet light perfume and just in time as I've run out and f one of my favourites- Prada Candy. I say my favourites- I don't really wear the stuff, only if I'm going out! This bottle will last me till you m 60! He gave me money which I've spent in the Hobbycraft  sale, mainly on thread and some Nordic Walking Poles are on their way. I told you I was a spoilt brat! 
Presents off friends included a bottle of posh prosecco and two glasses, a gorgeous garden candle, two fancy buckets planted with purple flowering plants, some cider and from my sister and mostly my niece, tons of girly presents from accessorise! Fancy bejewelled flipflops, a matching bracelet, nail varnish and little fancy hair clips! Apparently Madeleeny ( my nickname for her ) wanted to wrap all of them separately so I'd have 1000s of presents to open! 
Plus this message from Harrychops if I can get it to work... 

How cute! 

The birthday day out was epic. We went to Fountains Abbey and the Studley Royal Water Gardens. It was a lovely hot sunny day. It didn't cost us a bean to get in. Had we not been English Heritage members, I'd have shelled out £13 each. Though to be honest, it was worth it. It's a World Heritage Site. But, not as I learned on the Guided Tour, for the sprawling ruined Abbey that Henry Viii destroyed. It was for the water gardens. 

Careful planting and design ensured different shades in the water. Waterfalls ensure movement. They were quite against the norm for garden design. The Abbey was acquired by the family in the 18th Centuary when it was fashionable to have a ruined castle/abbey in your garden as a feature! 
This was taken from a folly known as Anne Boleyn's Love seat. Anne B's bum never graced such a seat! 
Totally got my come uppance though when taking this shot above. When I rocked up there was a bloke standing at the water's edge taking the same shot down the valley, however, I wanted the grass in the foreground so I waited, and waited and waited. I then tutted and waited. I hand gestured to the HG who had given up waiting and had walked on. Finally this man moved out of my shot and walked to the bench where the HG was stood....with the man's family on the bench. They'd all witnessed and heard my impatience ( honest to goodness he was blooming ages ) and as I got to the HG, MY FOOT WENT DOWN THE EDGE OF THE PATH AND I WENT ARSE OVER TIT, BUT SIDEWAYS, MOST UNGAINLY right at the bloke's feet!!!! 
 Oh dear!! I went pink and stumbled slowly away laughing my head off!! 

Who wouldn't want an abbey in the garden?! 

We were there for five hours. I tracked over 17000 steps! We walked miles! We didn't even see it all. It's really steep in parts and just as we were beginning the ascent back into the modern world the first raindrops fell. It was full on stinging fat raindrops monsoon by the time we got to the top. Soaked but happy! 
Called in to Nelson's Inn on Skipton road on the way home for tea. We were STARVING. We both had chicken liver pate to start, asking for extra bread. It was divine. Main was thick bacon, egg and chips. Yum yum. Then a free pudding. The HG opted for apple crumble and custard. I had the biggest sherry trifle I've ever had! It was like a family sized portion! It was the best trifle I've ever had. 

I had a lovely mocktail and we rolled out of the pub to come home! Soooo full, Christmas Day full! 

Right I'll leave you with a pic of the rhubarb and custard cakes I experimented with before the school fair next week. I've filled them with stewed rhubarb and its custard flavoured frosting. I made it too soft so will watch out for that me time. Also, they could do with different sprinkles! Also they actually can stand to have a lot more filling! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *BKITW* Radiostar xx 


  1. The birthday sounds fantastic. Those rhubarb and custard cakes - YUM. Wonderful present haul - lucky girl. But really Tippi, more bird feeders?! x

    1. To be fair, the newest bird feeder is really replacing my old rusty one that has just been relocated.......

  2. I have ticket envy, I love rugby but only get to see the local clubs play. So glad that you had lots of goodies to make the day sparkle. That trifle glass looks big enough to paddle in.

    1. I really was bowled over by the tickets Pam. Could not believe it! The trifle glass was HUGE!

  3. WOW....that was a full on weekend Mrs. Glad you had such a fab time.
    If you show me a pic of your set of machine feet I should be able to give you some links to videos on how to use them. I have a set of thirty and painstakingly tracked down what they were for and found vids on what to do with them. Some I will never use but a good portion are fabulous-x-

    1. Oh thanks for that Sheila! They do all have names so your help would be most welcome!

  4. You lucky girl, what a fabulous day x

  5. It sounds like a perfect birthday and what lovely gifts, I'm glad you had such a great day. :) x

  6. Oh that sounds wonderful. Happy birthday joyous one!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxx

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and was truly spoilt.

  8. What a great time you had!! How fantastic!!! So pleased for you!!

    1. It really was an ace day! The trifle was the deal breaker!

  9. A belated very happy birthday to you m`dear. Sounds like the perfect day was had x

  10. Oh you lucky lucky girl. What a fabulous birthday you had. Harry is just adorable. I've replayed him a few times just to hear his cute voice. Super sweet. xx


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