Wednesday 4 May 2016


Seventeen children were off in 'protest' yesterday from my class alone. It was a very lovely quiet day! The remaining 13 children admitted even though they were missing their friends, they loved the fact they had "more help quicker" in lessons! 
Yesterday afternoon was fun. One of our teachers registered us to take part in this >>

It's all very exciting. The class planted some rockets seeds last Tuesday, half of which have been IN SPACE with Tim Peake to see how they grow basically! We have no idea which half are the space travelling seeds - maybe all will be revealed once all the results are in! They are already at the two leaf stage, in one week! 
It's all to do with how humans can grow food in Space and you can read all about it here....should you want to! 

Right, a quick squizz around my craft room! We braved IKEA on Sunday. We got there for it opening.  Best plan of action. By the time we'd got round and found my oak Billy bookcase in Aisle 3 Location 8, the queues at the tills were epic and the car park wars for spaces were extremely volatile and hostile.

 I also got a new table. Now, I had planned to reuse our old computer desk with the top bit cut off. The two issues with this; 
A) it's still full of stuff
B) it's the wrong colour

I could have lived with B to be totally honest. But I couldn't live with the stuff off the desk being in boxes in my room till it got sorted at a later date. 

So whilst in Gateshead IKEA last Saturday with Miss 21, I saw 
Isn't it beautiful? I fell in love with it straight away. I love the fact it folded flat to give space for when we have guests ( Miss 21 and the beau ) staying over. I love the storage drawers. However, it costs £150 and I did have doubts over the gate leg being in the way somehow, though I'd have coped with that! I would have preferred it in oak to match the room but I did like it. 
We saw a few alternatives and hadn't decided really. So I was going to look at them again. 

One alternative we saw was 
Which folds flat against the wall. Size was an issue really. It'd be no good for laying out large pieces of material etc. Also it'd be in a permanent position. I still preferred the table above. 
But £150.... 
Alas, Warrington did not have them in. I bought a plain oak large table top and four height adjustable easily removable legs instead. Cost was £25 for the top 
and £10 each for the legs.

£65 bargain! I still love the little white table more. But what I have looks perfect. Great for cutting. I can have both machine and over locker out at the same time with space to work. I can easily adjust the height to assist with bad backs or chair heights - being only small, thus is a big plus point. The legs just screw out and then it can be stood against the wall when need be. I can store things under it. 
Here is it in the room. 
That's my Stanley tool box with sewing tools in it! Not pretty but vair practical! I think I could sew a cover to hide it!!! 
Here's Billy, next to the solid oak wardrobe That. Will never. Move. Again. Goes perfectly. I've not filled the shelves properly yet and there's still a shelf to go on. 
I've started filling the wardrobe with stuff already. Those boxes of wool are underbed box size so you can imaging how large it is - the stash AND the wardrobe! 
This is an empty corner yet to be filled! I bloody love this room! 
Here's a little shot of part of my garden. I adore these tulips. They are the ones I showed you a few posts back but they are now almost black in real life. I'm definitely going to get some more in September to double my display. You can just see one of my peonies peeping in at the corner. They are coming up nicely now. My bluebells are just coming into bloom. The plastic fascia board you can see is for a future garden project of the HG. Just when in the future us anyone's guess. I'm not holding my breath. I know better!! 

This is my new Japanese Acer in its new tub by the front door. I planted some little trailing purple flowers round the edge. Once the soil has settled ice some blue glass flat marbles to put on the top so it looks extra pretty and helps with dehydration. The little purple tub is full of yet to bloom tulips. I can't recall what colour they were.....( as if! ) I need to go move one of those little plants because it's not in the middle enough! Just spotted that looking at this photo! 

Right, my 'show and tell' spot is up but a little extra news is I did 11,606 steps yesterday. I managed over 10,000 every day last week. I'm quite pleased with myself over this!

Who else has got some 'news' to share? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *happy with her lot right now* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Your new table looks huuuge and a fab price,the white one would have been too small. Your work room is coming along nicely. I've never been to Ikea, I had heard rumours that one was going to open near us but since then also heard that we're not close enough to the motorway.
    Your garden is looking lovely.

    1. Hi Carol, the table is huge! I could easily lay on it! I think it's the best choice too as I can move it into the middle of the room for full access too instead of reaching - which I can't do - little T. rex arms! It took us an hour to get to Warrington. It's not somewhere I want to rush back to in a hurry!!

  2. It all sounds very good. I don't think any of ours were away yesterday.
    J x

    1. A third of the school stayed off. Every parent sent the letter of support in and the majority went to an organised day of learning activities in the town park. No health and safety forms filled in either!

  3. Your craft room is looking fab Mrs. I have a similar toolbox for my sewing stuff....what a good idea idea to make a cover for it.
    The garden is starting to look lovely. It made me laugh you spotting one plant out of kilter in the pot....that is so like

    1. Please rest easy....the plant has been moved! I'm now betting yours has a cover well before mine!!! I do have some darling turquoise ( cheapy ) material with buttons on from the works that I might just use! I might have a play about adapting a sewing machine cover pattern or ( gasp ) drawing my is only rectangles I suppose!! If I'm feeling daring, I could have a go at piping.

  4. My craft room also fitted out from IKEA but as I have a bad back, DH fitted a kitchen worktop to the wall for me at a good height. Not movable but as I stand a lot to craft, it was a good solution. Happy crafting. Catriona

    1. Perfect solution Catriona X I did like those large cube storage systems with the pretty flowery boxes in them. But I think I've enough storage for now!

  5. I'm about to put our spare room back after hubby decorating, so all my stash will be in one place, it's exciting.

    1. It's certainly taken the sting out of Miss 21 leaving me! I can't wait to see your craft room!

  6. I'm going to Warrington in two weeks. My first time.

    1. Be strong. I'll pray for your safe return.

  7. We went to I-Kee-ya today and it wasn't overpacked with people. The trouble is we go with one list of a few things and come back with a trolley load of many. I love going but we need to save up in between because as usual we come out with too much stuff. Good on you, doing all those steps. I need to add more exercise to my diet but health issues seem to be against it at the moment.

    1. You'll have done a fair few round that Swedish shop of everything you see you think what a good idea and you want one! In my eyes, ANY. Exercise is better than none and that includes a gentle roll of the ankles whilst sat on one's bum!

  8. If you're anything like me you'll feel super rich now after going for the cheaper table option, and be able to justify everything you want to buy for the next year, because you saved money!

    Over half a class off speaks volumes I think. Didn't realise it was an en masse walkout though, I thought it was only KS2 children. They are definitely over tested in my opinion. When Amy was doing her SATS they went on and on about how vital is was to be in school because it would grade them for their sets in secondary. Come the first week of secondary and she spent her whole time doing tests so the school could see for themselves what she was capable of. I wonder if any parents will keep their children off during SATS week, surely that would be a better protest.

    Small classes are lovely from everyone's point of view. Amy was one of 16 pupils until Year 6 when they were joined by Year 5 to make a 'full class'. That was only 5 years ago but the school is full now. How times change. xx

  9. I always get lost in Ikea and it tires me out, great choice of table much more practical and bigger than white desk and the folding bit underneath would have got in the way AND you wouldn't have been able to store anything underneath. I had a similar problem and in the end bought a trellis table which I can fold up and put away. Love the wardrobe and your garden is looking good, mine is such a mess but I'll only go out if the weather is nice enough so it looks as though it's going to stay a mess for a while we have mist today while it's lovely and sunny nearly everywhere else. Have a great weekend. :) xx


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