Friday 27 February 2015

Ten things in ten minutes

I'm linking up with the lovely Kate on thin ice where she challenges us to 'Change your life in 10 minutes'. Go have a read and join in if you want!
I decided to share ten things I could/sometimes/actually do in ten minutes to make my day better/nicer/easier. I deliberately chose things I do do that do not involve anyone else.

1. Paint my nails - look better, feel better.
2. Read something, fiction - lose yourself in non reality - forget about your worries, feel better.
3. Read something, non fiction - learn something new, improve your knowledge, feel better.
4. Take ten minutes from your lunch hour and pop a casserole in the slow cooker - come home to the comforting smell and the realisation that you do not have to stand and cook - feel better!
5. Tidy that junk drawer - feel uncluttered, feel better.
6. Read your blog list and comment - know that Bloggy types love comments - feel better!
7. Hoover through - your rooms will look 100% better than they did ten minutes ago just for having a clean floor - feel better
8. Take ten minutes and change your bed - later that night climbing into a fresh clean sheeted bed will make you feel better.
9. Lie on the bed and listen to your favourite songs and daydream your favourite daydream.
10. Go online and browse your favourite stores or actually buy something. Give yourself a budget. It has to be less than £5.00.  It could be a free book for your kindle. It could be new wool off eBay, it could be a present for someone. Feel smug in your bargain hunting!

What ten things could you/do you do to make your life easier/better/nicer?

Love from
Rachel *I'll just be ten minutes* Radiostar


  1. Great list I love reading I get totally lost its a great way to have that me time for me x

  2. Cuddle one of the cats for ten minutes...lowers the blood pressure, and assures me I'm truly loved.
    Jane x

  3. I liked all your ten things. I would spend ten minutes putting my hand in warm water to alleviate the tendon pain I've got from computer-related RSI- that would make me feel a whole lot better! xx

  4. Ten minutes spent with my eyes closed in a quiet room would be bliss xx

  5. I also read that post and gave it some thought and then abandoned the idea. You have a great list. I can't do no1 as I work in school dinner but I do love no8 (ooooh fresh cotton sheets) and you are so right with no7. The room might be untidy but looks much better hoovered.

  6. I love this list and hope you do them all a lot. Thanks so much for joining in with Striking Mums.

  7. Some great ideas here, I especially love the online shopping, give yourself a little treat!

  8. Great ideas here, wish I'd had time to join in!


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