Wednesday 31 December 2014

Happy New 2015

The New Year is less than an hour away. I'm in my cosy lounge by a roaring coal fire.
The Christmas Tree lights are on.

The house is tidy. The Uni one got safely back to The North East to spend the celebrations with her Young Man. The teenage one is at his girlfriend's house. The HG is watching Duck Dynasty on the TV. I'm quite impressed, he's still awake. Normally he watches half of his programmes with his eyes shut!

I do not make resolutions. I love reading yours though. I cannot stand all the 'New Year New You' crap the industry churns out.  But I do love reading what you lot are up to! My memory is too rubbish to do a yearly round up. I love reading yours though. I am such a lazy blogger! I love reading yours!

I bought some softer than clouds wool today to knit a little TeddyBear from a pattern my Ma in Law has. She's been churning them out one a night! I've been making Pom Poms trying out my cute little makers seen on that Kirsties fill your house with crap programme. I've restarted an Entrelac scarf. The kitchen cupboards are tidy and well stocked.
The freezer is chocker full of stuff that needs eating up. We bought a 25kg sack of spuds for less than £5 before Christmas. Plus I've a load of veg left over from Christmas to go at.
I've watched and laughed my head off at Victoria Wood's Midlife Christmas programme. She is so clever. So many  hilarious sketches. Especially the Faux TV AD for 'SlippedOnAChipDotCom'. Did any of you see it?! I finished a little hat for my friend's adorable baby girl. 

Right, Jools and his Annual Hootenanny has just begun. I'm off to pour myself a cheeky Bailey's on ice. I wish you all peace, love and light in 2015 xx

Love from

Rachel *content to not be a party animal* Radiostar xx


  1. Love reading your blog too.
    Happy New year to you and your family. Happy crafting

  2. Pretty little hat. Hope 2015 treats you and your family well, Rachel. Love, Helen x

  3. Happy New Year x loving the little pink hat. Very cute x I've broken all my New Year Resolutions already. Spent New Year with my 17 yr old daughters friends. Those kids are so bad, making me dance/drink and stuff a middle aged lady just shouldn't be doing! New, New Years Resolution, act my age! That'll be broken by the end of the day too!


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