Monday, 15 December 2014

1.34am I've got Flu

 It's 1.35 ish early hours of Monday morning. I cannot sleep. Thought I'd write a long overdue blog post.

Friday night I started feeling a bit off it. Saturday morning, I walked like a 99yo lady to the Post Office along the sheet ice. I noticed my back and neck aching. An hour or so later then BAM. Shivering, teeth chattering, feeling like I'd been kicked from here to Kingdom come. Then boiling hot, sweaty flushes. Then the coughing. Cough cough cough cough cough, producing nothing but eyes watering and a burning in my chest.  Max strength drugs redeployed and I half heartedly directed the boy from the sofa as he put the Tree up. He did a splendid job. To be truthful I could not be bothered at all and that is not. Like. Me. At. All.

Today, I woke feeling a bit brighter but went rapidly downhill again at lunchtime. I've dozed on and off. Sweated, froze, sweated, froze, coughed etc etc. it's pissing me off. I've had to ring in sick for tomorrow as I feel like a limp lettuce. My skin hurts to touch it. I'm currently in my Baltic Bedroom with no covers on feeling like I'm burning and on fire. Trying not to wake the HG as I try o do my hacking cough thing quietly. It's like I'm trying to get a hairball up!

I blame the children from Night Owls who coughed in my face on Thursday. Ugh.

So what's new? Well, we went to Newcastle last weekend to see the Uni one ( and Fenwick's windows ).

Her house is FREEZING. Emergency draught excluders were made out of a hamster eaten jumper and the journey home was a delight. If delights are terrorising journeys over the Yorkshire Moors in zero visibility fog with your Ma in Law in the back making helpful comments like "ooo we can't see!"
Things were tense.

I finally finished Harry's jumper.
Just started a little pink hat. Erm, the Lemon Curd was lovely and the HG has bought me a Santa's Sleigh mould for chocolate or gingerbread. I feel so ill though I'm peed off I've not had chance to mess about with it yet. I've not even made a mince pie!
It's Work's Do on Saturday - I sincerely hope I'm better before then!! I hate being off work - especially at this time of year - it's my absolute favourite time.

Right I'm going to add some photos and catch up on reading some blogs. Hopefully I'll fall asleep soon.

Rachel *Flu ridden* Radiostar

Ps, it is Flu and not a cold!


  1. Certainly not like you m'dear, hoping you get better for the festivities.

  2. *Reading with hand held over nose and mouth*
    Sorry you are a sicky do dah...feel better soon.Still plenty of time to use your sleigh mould *turns head and takes a breath* Sending healing hugs..don't send any back,they'll be icky and germy.
    Jane x

  3. Hope you're feeling better now and that you have a great time at the staff party.

  4. Hope you're all better in time to enjoy Christmas day, Rachel. At least its the school holidays now so you can legitimately have time off. Sorry I've not been in touch for months but with MIL being ill and then passing away and all the funeral preps and time spent in Wales and then Xmas etc etc...well, you get the gist, just too much distracting me. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year is a lot healthier for you. Love, Helen x

  5. Oh I hope you are feeling better, try to rest up as much as you can

  6. hope your feeling better, my youngets has had the lurgy, nightmare at Chrsitmas. Have a good one. xx

  7. We're just getting over the lurgy here. Here's wishing you a lovely New Year (germ free) xx


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