Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Morning gales, IT, cake and books.

I am laid in the dark, under my full fat winter quilt listening to the wind howl down my chimney and the rain lash my windows. I love it!

Today has a lazy feel about it. Depending on the weather we may venture out, we may not.  I am currently in a 12 round full on fistfight with my laptop. I think it's been sulking. It's true that since we got tablets, it has been neglected. But I do need it from time to time for Flash Player purposes ( come on Apple - get a move on and get Flash ) and I prefer to complete the HG's Tax thingy on my laptop.
So,the deadline is looming. 31st January is very important for Self Assessment Purposes. I am in a rush to get this done. 

 The laptop is firstly doing 1 of 32 updates and would I not power it down whilst this happens.

Three days later, I finally get to my homepage and OF COURSE my effing internet security has run out behind my back. Not to worry. I have a freebie internet security thingy for five devices I got free with my broadband. I had to uninstall the now ex out of date security. It didn't take lightly to this. Kicking and screaming, I finally evicted it. Downloaded the new. 

Completed the HMRC nonsense. 

Then set about loading CDs into iTunes. I bought 'Now That's what I call Disney' for Night Owls. Now I love a good sing a long and wanted to make sure I knew all the words before I delighted the owlets with my full on Glee esque show stopper routines!!!


OF COURSE it needed updating. *rolled eyes*

But then disaster struck. I have no idea if it's because I was clicking like a demented fool to stop things happening or if it was frankly, completely and totally knackered to start with, but it kept asking me if I had enough privileges and my Library C ++ visuals run time error failed. I also helpfully had error code 1114 flashing up at me.

Not to worry, I have plenty of weapons in my arsenal against such deadly foes. I have Mr Google and

He set to uninstalling, re booting, patching, re starting, system scanning etc.


Last night afore bed, I had one more try. I thought I'd try a system restore back to when it WAS working. I did this.

I now have NO internet security....and it still isn't playing. I found a helpful little sequence to try when removing Apple programmes because the Mobile thingy was refusing to leave. It helpfully told me you have to remove things in a certain order. I, of course, had NOT uninstalled things in that order. Aaarrrrggghhhh.

I switched it on and off again.

I just pulled the plug and went to bed.

Today I am having. One. More. Try.

It might have to go to the Laptop Hospital. Or to Laptop heaven. Thank goodness for my iPad so I can bore the pants off you all here with my thrilling adventures!

The rest of my day will involve knitting by a roaring fire. We might venture out to a Farmer's market to look at all the overpriced artisan rustic loaves. I think I'll make a loaf myself. Not cake though. I need to stop eating cake! 

Last weekend I made the world's sickliest cake! It wasn't a pretty cake. But it's vanished so it must have been ok. ( It was bloody delicious !)
Toffee cake with caramel buttercream icing!

I was super excited to rescue this book from the bin at school. These stories were my all time favourite to read as a little girl. Infact, as I went to the school I now work at, it's very probable that this isn't the first time my fingers have turned the pages! Imagine my delight when the stories were televised! 
 No Sunday afternoon was complete without a trip to LHOTP on the TV. Ma was an angel and Pa was a saint. Now I like to watch it just for swooning over Michael Landon purposes. Thanks to my lovely friends Nicole, Hannah, Eryn and Nan I know the truth and that he was not good looking in real life! ( Or actually very nice!!! ) 

I am going to read these books again with grown up '28' year old eyes! I might even blog about what I think! I just need to get the other books now. They are not available on Kindle as Laura Ingalls 
Wilder has not been dead for long enough, apparently. I've been hunting in Charity shops for ages to no avail. I am going to treat myself to the others as long as I can find them cheap enough!!

The other childhood books that left a lasting impression were 
What Katy Did and What Katy did next. I devoured the Silver Sword. I never could stand The Secret Garden  or the Railway Children. I loved the Famous Five ( book 2 Five go to Kirrin Island is my favourite ) but hated the Secret Seven. I wanted to go to boarding school SO MUCH. But hoped I'd be enrolled at Mallory Towers rather than St. Clare's with those twins!! I confess to still never finishing Treasure Island. I tried to read it with the boy but still failed. I ADORED The Swiss Family Robinson but never got along with Robinson Crueso. I could go on all day here! 

What are you doing/reading today? 


  1. Ah computers, don't ya just love em? For moi the day holds braving to weather and heading up to Moel Famau with the Bear and 'purloining' some articles for the allotment I'm now volunteering upon, getting that piratey feeling already! Oh and finally sorting out some articles to sell upon E-bay to fund my plans for world domination.....ahaaaa

  2. I hated the Secret Garden as well! And What Katy Did - I loved it and now I want to re-read it to see if it stands up to time!

  3. My mama loved Michael Landon & cried big tears when he died.

    I'm sorry your laptop is being a jerk. I'd be FREAKING OUT if mine was out of commission, so you have my sympathy.

  4. I am reading a spy thriller for review. (I review for free for unknown authors though I have been very slack) I am also reading Long Walk to Freedom because of my country's wonderful former president having passed away in December. I also neglect my laptop alot lately. I use it to write my blogs because I am battling with blogger on my tablet and adding pics is a nightmare. I am trying to get used to the little keyboard to do more writing on my tablet.

  5. I used to love watching LHOTP but have never read the books. I've stopped on the occasional episode on one of the cable channels but they do seem a bit cheesy now. The Mallory Towers series was my favourite too; I was still reading them when I was 14 or 15 and badly wanted to got to boarding school, an impossible dream as dad was a miner and we lived in a council house. My other childhood favourites were the Just William books. The gang got into so many naughty adventures and I was such a good, quiet child but had an internal rebellious streak. Sorry you're having computer trouble; they're great when they work and hell when they don't. Hope you get all sorted soon.


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