Friday 3 January 2014

Back to work blues

Right now, at 8:07  I'm feasting by the tree lights whilst I still can!! Ok, I'm grumpily eating breakfast, forlornly glancing at the tree, because
A) it's the only thing left of Christmas - the rest of the house is bare, sparse and barren like a desolate wasteland 

B) because I have to go back to work in 30 minutes. 

I do not *do* traditional resolutions,  but I have just made a pact with the silver humming bird on my tree that,  this year I am going to try to wear matching bra and knickers on more than two occasions. ( i.e. my birthday and Christmas Day ) 
I am going to wear more of my jewellery instead of saving it for when I go out. I never go out!! 
I am going to try and never leave a room empty handed ( my wise old Gran swore this helps keep things tidy )

As the great love of my life Mr Brandon Flowers said, I'm also going to smile like I mean it every day! 
( this may or may not coincide with a matching underwear occasion! )

In other news, in the sale at Mr Tesco, I bought some miracle cream that Davina sells on the telly and it came with a wrinkle guide and a promise that in 4 weeks there will be an improvement. I asked my lovely daughter to help me find my wrinkles on the enclosed guide,
Ladies and gentlemen, she declared me to be 


The scale only goes up to 10. 
The brat! 

Follow my journey from 8 to an 'eternally 28' score of about 5 hopefully!!! And yes, I do know it's all a load of bullocks, so I'd  like to request that from now on, if you look at me, please do so, in soft focus! 

Many thanks 
Rachel Wrinkly Radiostar xx  

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  1. I do feel that going back to school whilst the Christmas tree is till up is not right. luckily our daughter goes back on Monday. I have made a few resolutions/challenges for 2014 soon to be revealed on my blog. I'm still in Christmas mode and so work will begin on Monday.


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