Tuesday 25 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Me! 28 Again

I love June 25th! It's my birthday and it's exactly half way to my other favourite day in the year! 

I was planning on doing a 
Interesting list of things that happened the day I was born ..... But I've been too busy! Plus it might give the eternally 28 thing away! 
I may return to it at some point! 

I've had some lovely messages, cards, presents and good wishes. I've been thoroughly spoilt! 

The sun shone too. I walked along the shore. Two more of my favourite things. 

Sworn tradition is that the birthdayee has to provide the staffroom playtime goodies so I made Cake Pops! This time I cracked it! Just wish I had more time to play around with the decorating! 

Here are a few dodgy shots! Enjoy :-) 
Note my expensive cake pop holder. Patent Pending! 

Just thought of something else funny to write, then promptly forgot it!! It's my age! I played the Eurolotto tonight, it's my Birthday, I'm bound to win! 

Cross your fingers folks x 


  1. Crikey! Your cake pop decorating skills HAVE improved!!! Hope the success made for a very happy day.
    Jane x



    (If I'd known I'd have baked a cake!)

  3. Happy Happy birthday hope you had a great time. Geminis rock!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Happy happy Birthday Rachel sorry it is so late been so busy the last while. 28 is a great age you will find it very enjoyable I am sure ;-)

  5. Happy birthday
    Love to see you back on my original blog


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