Saturday 20 April 2013

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr CakePops #2

And not in a Tony the Tiger way either.
Two words. Cake and Pops.

I lowered the temperature. I mega greased the tray. I kept a beady eye on them. I measured EXACTLY the ingredients.

They stuck worse than the last time.

They are currently cooling, in bits, ready to be moulded with buttercream into trufflesesque balls. I will have balls.

I have candy melts. Shitloads of candy melts. I want perfectly formed balls of cake.

I'm also a bit grrrrr because my beautiful baby boy turns sixteen tomorrow. I disapprove of this growing up malarkey.

I am purrrrrr ( the opposite of grrrr?? ) because the sun shone today and it was warm! The boys ordered toffee cake has turned out ok unlike the blessed cake pops. I have line dried towels that are stiffened by the sunshine and smell divine! I love hard, scratchy,rough, line dried

Following this rapidly and badly written post is a photo of today's haul from Hobbycraft! Well, someone has to keep the economy afloat!


  1. Give over with the cake pops, kidda! They're just cakes on sticks and nobody likes a sticky cake, right?

    Go and get some crisps instead!

  2. You're a glutton for punishment!
    Jane x

  3. Is that a purple cat flap??
    RE: the cake pops - can't you use a melon baller and ball some cakeballs out of a normal cake then decorate them and shove a stick up their cakey arses? Just a thought..... xxxx

  4. Yip Rachel time to move on, me thinks it is time to concentrate on sugar free treats to send to you blogger friend in SA. Nudge, nudge wink, wink.


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