Thursday 16 August 2012


I have been waiting for this day like a child ( and myself ) waits for Christmas Eve. The tension has been unbearable. I have crippled myself with the 'what iffing'.

Everyone has said she'll be fine, not to worry. I've had an incessant, deep down, gnawing negative feeling twisting and churning in my stomach.

At 5am this morning I woke, after yet another night of nightmares, whereby I play out all sorts of situations.

At 7am, she asks me, where is my leaving school certificate? - I need it to collect my results. This sodding certificate has been on the table for weeks. She's been asked to move it. More than twenty times! So I now write this post in my bedroom, which looks like a bomb has gone off it in. I have ransacked EVERYWHERE. Incredibly I find it, in a pile of her stuff that she brought upstairs and for some reason PUT IN MY ROOM?? I shouted at her that I didn't need this stress. She shouted back neither did she. I bit my tongue. No, she didn't. Poor lamb.

At 7.15am she sets off for school.

At 8am - I get a text. it simply says B C C
At 8am - I text back WELL DONE XXX
At 8.01am I text back well, how many points is it??? I think why don't I look it up myself?

At 8.02am - she texts to say she thinks she's only got enough for her second choice.

At 8.03 am she rings. I answer, She is crying. I start crying. " MUM I GOT IN I GOT IN I GOT IN"

She got in to her first choice of Uni. She knows, she's checked on the  online tracker thingy. Her phone signal goes.

I ring her Dad who is at work.  He's so pleased. I text her to ask a million questions. She replies - stop texting you are blocking my phone!!!

About twenty minutes ago, she landed home, I hugged her - then demanded her log in details so I could see for myself! The UCAS page takes FOREVER to load.

The Current Status of your application is

Congratulations! Your place at X University to study History has been confirmed.

HOORAY!! I feel like cartwheeling round the room. Then I remember that
a) I am fat and forty one
b) no sodding room due to piles of daughter stuff, pre uni romm clear out and now opened drawers and ransacked cupboards due to certificate searching, which, by the way was NOT required!
So, the hideous waiting is over. All the hard work she put in paid off. Yet, I am still crying!

In one month's time, my darling, precious, first born will leave home.

But I am so OVER THE MOON about it. What a fantastic achievement for her. She asked for pancakes for breakfast. I said she can have anything she wants!! I am so proud.

I do have a half written post - for tomorrow - but I needed to post this one today! So so chuffed to little bits!

Love Rachel.x


  1. Absolutely wonderful Rachel!!!! Congratulations!!!
    and to read History I am soooo envious I always wanted to read History at Uni but had to turn to something more practical. I vowed I would go back to Univ and do a Reseach PHD on History and then the recession struck.

    You lucky Mum!!!!

    Amanda xx

    1. Awww Thank You Amanda,
      I got your email too xxx
      I hated History at School - but I would love to go do it now!!
      I can't stop bawling! My clever girl!

  2. That is fabulous news, you seem like a very proud mummy this morning.

    No matter that she is going off to Uni and leaving the family nest, you will still be on call for washing and cooking duties when she comes home.

    I am so happy for her and glad she got into her first choice :o)

  3. Fantastic news! I still remember that awful wait in fact I had similar feelings today thinking about all those waiting for results. It is a day of mixed emotions. So proud of your child but sad that it means they are going away! I cried all day when my daughter got her results first with joy and then with the realisation that my baby would be leaving home. I still cry when she goes back to uni but I am so proud of the independent woman she has become. She will always be my baby but she has also become her own person and that is something to celebrate. So today celebrate your daughters great achievements cry for the fact she is flying the nest and get ready to embrace the next chapter of her life. Love and hugs to you both. Xxx

  4. ChippyChin from Twitter16 August 2012 at 10:49

    I don't know you or your daughter, and I live in the US, but I cried reading your post. Congratulations! Reading the flurry of A-level trending responses made me tense even way over here! Good luck with the next step. I'm sure she'll ace it all. Anyone with a cool caring mom like you couldn't help but succeed.

  5. Well done Rachel's firstborn!

  6. This is so awesome. HUGE congratulations to your daughter.

  7. Well done to my niece on getting her grades Now going to her chosen uni , now the fun begins Work hard & play hard and you will be just fine love auntie shell

  8. Er...are you happy? Couldn't quite tell!!
    Jane x

  9. YAY! What wonderful news! So excited for you and her!

  10. Clever girl x takes after her auntie Lisa he he. She worked so hard she deserves the results and am soooo pleased she got her first choice. she's still not old enough to be leaving home, cute little Chloe pie xxx

  11. I know I said it on FB. I know I said it on Twitter. I know I said it on yahoo.

    But I have to say it here, too.

    I am so proud of your girl, and you & Daz, for your hard work, too.

    I have so dearly enjoyed watching, from afar, as your darling girl grew from those sweet round little girl cheeks to the beautiful, smart, capable woman she has become. I'm honored that you share your life with us. <3

    I wish I was there, to share a toast with you!

  12. Bugger that's one less hairdresser in the world - I know you will smile! She is a beautiful, delightful young woman with the world at her feet. Much love xxx

  13. Absolutely amazing. Am blubbing! Well done x x


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