Friday, 6 July 2012

Cake - a sneak preview

I found this picture on google especially for Mrs Thrifty! " Caked up the the eyeballs "

I am fed up with myself blogwise! I have zillions of posts whizzing around my head but ZERO time to give at the moment. The end of term is always knackering. Yes, that IS a scientific word. Play rehearsal, sporting stuff, reports, assessments etc etc so by the time I get home I just don't want to look at another computer screen.

I also desperately miss reading all the lovely blogs that I'm following - you know the ones - proper blogs done by proper bloggers!

I have ten more work days and then I shall be FREE to blog away to my heart's content - by then of course I will have NOTHING interesting to say. People on Twitter who I chat with must be heartily sick of my none stop whiney weather whinges!

But to prove I did make my daughter's Birthday cakes - here are two of the photos I have managed to transfer to the computer!

Must go gee up my boy. The ONLY child I have still at school. The way that makes me feel is almost unbearable. I only have one child at school.

Hopefully I still have some followers and readers - I am so sorry I neglect you all. It is not intentional!


  1. Neglectful miss!

    That eyeball cake is - I have to say - kind of creepy! It's looking at me!

  2. Brilliant - especially as I have just had laser eye surgery .... I look like that xx


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