Saturday 14 July 2012

Preemie Patterns anyone?

I am STILL on with the last sock but I am itchy fingers ready to start something new. My something new is...
for my friend's little baby. I say little because he was born incredibly early ( an amazing 15 weeks )  and he is still in  hospital ( now a month old and fighting for his little life every single day ) .

Mum and Dad are doing so well and they have a HUGE amount of love from all around them. I asked would they like me to knit for him( for when he is able to come home and wear clothes - being in the incubator right now he has no need )  His name is Arthur.

SOOOOO any of you lovely knitters - I am in need of patterns. Or good links to either FREE ones or downloadable cheapish ones.

Old fashioned or modern I don't mind. 

Also keep little Arthur close to your hearts for me too. Cheers. x


  1. Hi Rachel,

    You could try this one,

    Will be thinking of all the family.

    Arwedd xx

  2. Aww that's lovely Rachel - will be sending blessings to little Arthur xx


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