Friday 18 November 2022


 Long time readers will know what that stands for. 

We are surrounded! Binks and Simba one way love to and seemingly live to taunt Bluebell silly. She is going mad and starting to get worse when she sees them out of the window. They used to be house cats but now they go outside ( TOILETING IN MY GARDEN GRRRRRR). The other way, Ollie and Bea are much less likely to be in my garden so they are my faves. We've also has a little cute kitten in, dunno where that one lives and a great big huge brown smudgey thing in. Chased off by Madam. I'm worried one day she's going to catch one and they will be injured. But I would absolutely NOT offer to pay any vet bills because she's only protecting her property. They should stay out of my garden. They are all seriously starting to piss me off! 

I went back to work yesterday. Breathless and coughing but think this is how I will be for a while. It was good to be back. 

Now for a rest!

Love Rachel *Bloody cats* Radiostar xxx


  1. Cats can be a right pain when they decide your garden is their own personal loo. I used something from the garden centre to keep them off and it did seem to work, thankfully.
    Take care - that residual cough is no joke. xx

  2. Our cat Purdy patrols our garden and chases off all other cats, she is a female to look at, but the vet found no female internal organs when she went in to be done, she shows more male traits without the need to wonder to far, this time of year she sits by our patio doors and watches the garden.


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