Tuesday 8 November 2022

Covid 2 Rachel 0

 Or the second purple line of doooooom.

Welcome to day two of my second go at Covid. It’s very annoying, not only in the coughing sense - which makes my headahe worse, but I had my booster booked in for Saturday. 

The HG started feeling off it on Friday, but had been working outside in the rain and thought it was just that lousy feeling he gets when it’s been like that all day. Bit of a cough Saturday but nowt to write home about and I was right as rain apart from my usual moany aches and pains. Bit of an annoying sporadic cough Saturday but nothing to write home about. We went out to the fireworks and then to friends. Of course now I feel awful for that. 

Sunday, the HG was feeling worse so so I advised he should do a test and I did one too. His was positive, mine negative. So far, Mr 25 is ok. 

Covid entertainment - new jigsaw - a tricky one I think. 
My Wordle guesses yesterday! Annoyed I missed it in 3! 

Monday morning / he went to work as his van was already loaded and he was working on an empty house and apart from the cough said he felt fine. Dosed him off with lemsip just in case and then I retested because the headache and cough were still there. Faintest of lines but still there. Ffs. 

QSo that’s  me, confined to barracks and keeping away from folks. Bit of a sleepless night, but nowhere near as bad as last time. 

Rachel *bloody covid* Radiostar xx


  1. Oh, no - what a pain for you.. Do you have to stay home until the line has gone?
    I hope the cough subsides and you feel much better again. xx

    1. No, the new guidance is 5 days or until you feel well, but you need a sick note beyond day 5. I am hoping to be well enough to go back on Monday. I've too many groups to fit in to miss any more.

  2. Sorry about the Covid, hope it stays mild and passes quickly! That puzzle looks horrendous, good luck with it.
    Good to hear that Suzanne at No. 38 is ok, I miss her, but still enjoy Sadie C., I'm sure she'll let you have the new name if you ask her on the gram. Wordle took me four goes too yesterday, have you tried Septle? The beauty of it is that you can place the letters into the squares of your choice on subsequent rows. Take care!

    1. The puzzle is a beautiful design - just slow and steady with it I think else it will send my eyes doolally!

  3. The lurgy. Yuk.
    We did a jigsaw recently called an impossi-puzzle. It bloody was, too!!

    1. Is that one of those ones where the people are looking at something else and is a really really busy picture? I did one once - it was enough!


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