Tuesday 25 October 2022

Half Term again!

 I do love me a half term!

Day 1 yesterday was spent with my Breakfast Club gang. We went to a Brunch Cafe, called Journey Social, meeting at 9am. The menu was basically super posh delicious goodness and yumminess! Also - every single option can be catered for with alternative dietary needs alternatives. I think! PLUS didn't know - but dogs are welcome too!

The food - OH MY GOODNESS. 

At first I opted for a savoury dish but was quickly powered by peer pressure in the case of I want what they are having and I ordered this. 

Which was tooth achingly divine. Thinking about it now makes me feel a tad sickly and I would never order it again! 

Sticky Toffee Eggy Bread Brioche, about 4 inches thick, topped with a caramalised banana half ( to be honest I wasn't that fussed over the banana - not really a fan of warm cooked banana - but it was dripping in toffee fudge sauce so I managed to eat it!!!!!

There were shards of bitter sharp caramel, honeycomb dust, meringue, a beautiful panna cotta, some fudge sauce, I can't even remember! It was about 10,000 calories and £9 ! Even the micro lemon mint herbs was beautiful! To be honest it was so beautifully managed - it wasn't too over poweringly sweet at all. But eyes were definitely bigger than my belly to begin with and thanks to polishing it all off the belly was definitely bigger than any other part of me afterwards!

I had a cappuccino which was one of the best shop coffees I've had.

There are 5 of us in the Breakfast Club. 3 of us had the brioche, one of us had mushrooms on toast with extra poached eggs and one of us had halloumi and avocado with bacon and bits and bobs! 

Clean plates all round and much chit chat and catch up. Perfect.

I got home. Did some more sewing of the Christmas ornaments I'm making to sell ( £6.50 each free p&p if you want any! ) 

Just a few examples! 

and then during the relentless downpour I braved the field like the only Spaniel owning idiot in the village - naturally as we just got home the sun came out! I was mostly dry - just soaking wet through in the gap between the bottom of my long coat and my wellies. So I had wet knees. Bluebell wasn't even arsed!

To finish the day I went with my friend to Slimming World - how I had the audacity after that breakfast I do not know. I did not eat anything else all day apart from a small bowl of soup after class! Renewed and ready for some veggies this week!

I binged watched Anatomy of a scandal over Sunday and Monday - it's on N etflix and it is so good. 

(I'm typing this watching the new episode of The Handmaid's Tale.) 

Ok I'm off to publish this, then enjoy my Tuesday! Hope yours is as good as mine.

Lots of love from 

Rachel *relaxed* Radiostar xxx


  1. I watched the new season of The Handmaids Tale, I'm not sure about it, I was beginning to waver at the end of the last series, will watch the next one and see how I feel.

  2. I think your dessert would have had the same effect on me as my cooked one did earlier! X

  3. Delicious start to the holidays-enjoy your break. Catriona

  4. Oh it looks so good, worth every calorie-at the time,lol. I read the book The Handmaids Tale and I really wasn't impressed. We watched the first couple of shows of season one and gave up on it.


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