Friday 12 August 2022

Part 2 of the caravan story is in progress but I wanted to blog normally

 I've been a bit of a teenager again with this caravan story! It's like it's turned into homework and I'm brattishly not doing it! 

This is now my third Friday off in the holidays and the time is flying by. Currently it's over 30 degrees but fortunately its cool in my house because I open NO windows or curtains! The dog has been walked by 8am and she has a cool jacket to wear that works brilliantly.


She also has a new pool to play in that's better than the foldaway one we have. It's great that one but a right pig to clean and dry. This new one can have just a trickle of water in and will rinse out and dry easier. 

Done a little bit of gardening today. Well, the HG had given our lollipop Bay tree it's annual butchering classeh trim and I've been the muggins slaving away picking it all up. I HATE that tree and love it with a passion. 

I've a few examples of things like that in my life! Moany old biddy grouchy rantings coming up. 

The Bay Tree

I grew it myself into the shape it is now. It looks amazing. The branches and leaves during the haircut fall all over and the fragrant smell of it soon becomes sickly and overpowering to me. And it takes FOREVER to pick all the bastarding twigs up! 

The Tall Chrome Radiator/Towel Rail

Looks gorgeous when polished and warms the bathroom a treat. It's a right git to polish, it gets dusty and condensates and we made the fatal error of not tiling behind it so the bathroom had been half undecorated for far too long. I hate cleaning the bastarding thing. 

The Italian Slate Kitchen Floor

Cool as anything to walk on in Summer, not too cold in the winter. Looked gorgeous when first laid.  Quite easy to keep clean. Has chips in it where I have dropped plates that then smash into a quadzillion bastard pieces from one of my kitchen to the next. It's a good job it's quite easy to keep clean because it looks filthy the minute the mopping has dried.

Anywayyyyyyy, I've done some sewing, knitting, reading, not baking because I am still trying to be less fat, socialising with friends, catching up on TV and marvelling at how fast the weeks have gone. 

I'm new to being a Strictly fan - however there's not many of the celebs I know being announced so far. But I am looking forward to the glitz and glamour and as I type in this deathly hot heat of summer, cannot believe that when it is well under way Ill be lighting the fire and be huddled under many blankets keeping warm! Heat the person, not the house haha  - I am not listening anymore to the scaremongering on the news about the ridiculous price hike coming our way. I have seen a deodorant that lasts for 72hours so that saves on the weekly shower bill hahahaha 

72 hours! I may well test it out! Let it take on my lady of a certain aid flashes! Doubt it would last 72 hours worth of that! Anyway I am going to foot my energy bills by hiring myself out for hugs having an internal core temperature of a million degrees Fahrenheit! I could probably heat a room by standing in a corner and seething over such local matters that are pissing me right off lately. 

I'll chat about the books and jigsaws and afternoon tea next post probably. Hope all my bloggy chums are keeping well and are not succumbing to round 3 of covid, round 1 of monkey pox. global warming and death by who will be the next prime Minister. They are all lying self centred liars and no I couldn't do a better job myself! I am on holidays! 

What's new in your part of the world? 

Catch up soon

Lots of love from

Rachel *I'm Melting*Radiostar

PS. Fully aware of my lovelies darn sarf struggling with drought and hosepipe bans. I don't waste too much water on Bluebell and it then goes on the plants afterwards -  we are not on a water meter so I am fairly relaxed about it! Did you see the satellite pic of the UK on the internet the other day? Fascinating. 

Bloody hell it's hot. I'm TWOT!!

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  1. Too hot for me, surviving by hiding inside in the shadows,


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