Sunday 14 August 2022

How much more can we stand?

It is Summer. It is hot. Relentlessly airless and all my pores are cleansed due to the free sweat therapy we have had! My left leg calf has three massive bites from horsefly number one and then think the others are spider bites ( shudders ) but I’m on bite watch as they are inflammed, swollen and hard and ITCHY. I’m on anti histamines, got magic cream etc 
I write this damp and cool having just come inside. 
It just rained. Big fat warm rain drops. Glorious to stand out in! And now there’s that ‘smell’ of it rains when it’s hot. And again, it’s glorious!
Hopefully those down where they really really need it gets some respite soon. 

A few months ago I wrote a post on the fact we were watching Chicago Fire and loving it and some one commented about the sister shows Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. well we are currently mid season 2 of Chicago Med. We love it and are thrilled haha when the fire department bring in patients! 
Also am watching New Amsterdam - I think it’s superior to CM but neither are a patch on ER which was the greatest Hospital Drama ever in my telly watching opinion haha. 

We went to a friend’s for a catch up last night. I also nipped to my other friend’s daughter’s 18th. She is a most delightful young lady. She’s spent the last two years doing A’ Levels at Chetham’s School of Music or Hogwarts for Musicians as my friend calls it. And oh my giddy aunts, the child is talented. Her Mum is an amazing friend and a wonderful and talented music teacher and she fostered this love for it in all three of her offspring. Bella is the eldest. I’m not sure if this will work but wow! I’m not sure if the link will work but it’s worth a go.
Chat soon 
Rachel *tasty left leg* Radiostar xx


  1. No rain here in the dust ball which is south Hampshire, hopefully by Wednesday.

  2. We watch Station 19- spin off of Greys Anatomy set in Fire Station. Which led us to 9-1-1 and then 9-1-1 Lone Star. We started Chicago Fire last week... but I think we've over-binged on Fire Station series - will try Chicago PD instead!

  3. We're predicted rain later this afternoon - fingers are firmly crossed. A bit today, some more tomorrow and more steady rain on Wednesday - I hope they're right.
    I'll check the link later when I can hear properly! xx

  4. We got a thunderstorm last night and it shot up the humidity making it even more difficult to sleep.
    Keep an eye on them bites in case antibiotics are needed.

  5. Wow-what a voice-thank for the link. Catriona

  6. It's a little cooler here today but no rain as yet. What a beautiful voice, Bella's a very talented young lady.


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