Sunday 5 November 2017

October half term 2017

Oh well, I feel right royally shafted out of my holiday. I literally started noticing my ears and throat the minute I left work last Friday. It's now Sunday morning before I go back to work and I still feel under the weather. A full week of copious enforced misery and the weather has been glorious. I know because I've forlornly looked out of the window, a little bit like the opposite of the Little Matchgirl.
Oh my heart, I love that story. Anyway, proper full on woman flu has had me in it's tight grip.

I have not been so poorly for so long for ages. It should not be actually possible with the amount of fresh fruit and veg I've been shovelling down my throat since 1st August! I totally blame the germ ridden beings I get paid to spend my non crafting time with. Anyway, my immune system is slowly getting rid of these illness causing bugs ready for me to go back to work tomorrow.

The only time I went out was to drag myself to my weekly Fat Class. It is EXACTLY the same as starring in my very own sitcom every week with hilarious characters. But I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love it. I am very impressionable and I'm totally indoctrined, but I think going did make my cold worse. Anyway it was totally worth it... a long way to go yet.....
I've been eating so well it's obscene! How nice does my breakfast porridge look?

I've become an expert in the witchcraft of converting quark to all sorts of things. This is my recipe for this delicious looking and tasty crustless quiche.
Just in case you fancy trying it

Recipe for end of the month 1/2 syn quiche.

(Approx 1/4 big tub Alpro Go on = 1/2syn )
(Philadelphia lightest  110g = HEXa )

1. Empty contents of veg drawer - peel off super grotty bits and chop. Search in freezer to find bits of frozen veg bags, pop into a sieve. Let thaw n drain, Add drained tin of tomatoes as no fresh - using juice in non quiche friendly manky veg soup. ( separate recipe )
2. Open and sniff test almost empty pots of Alpro Go on, Quark and Philadelphia extra light. Empty into a jug and mix
3. Whisk in two eggs.
4. Season.
5. Tip drained veg mix into dish, add creamy egg mix and top with the best of the mushrooms you had.
6. Bake.

I've knitted.

I've sewed

If you look closely enough you can spot where I coughed. 

and I finally had a go on the embroidery bit of my machine.

 Today I'm planning on being at one in my craft room again, but first...breakfast!

It's my favourite ever half term coming up at Christmas and I can't wait! Somebody in my personal bloggy  lovely circle made a Pom Pom rug - it's what I'm going to do with the Night Owls .

I got this off my Mother in Law who got it off her neighbour. "It might need a bit of sorting out!" It's going to become the Pom Pom rug. 

.. I'm just going to go find the post now.  But first, enjoy these photos. Albie who is now well on his way to 6lbs and Freddie, frolicking in the leaves!

Lots of love from

Rachel *so much snot* Radiostar xx


  1. I hope your woman flu is soon over. Oh my that dear little baby Albie, so, so cute and wonderful he is doing so well. Regards Sue H.

    1. Thank you Sue H. Woman flu is exactly the same strength as man flu, except you still have to get up and do the cleaning and washing and cooking!

  2. Sorry you've been so poorly. That bag is gorgeous!

  3. Wow Rachel, so much to be impressed with in this post - the fantastic weight loss, the lovely knitting, sewing and fantastic embroidery, Albie making brilliant progress, Freddie's fabulous ears and yes, even that mountain of wool that needs sorting out!

    Sorry to hear you've not been well on your holiday. A lot of companies would let you re-take you holiday if that happened but I can't see your Head giving you the OK to do that.

    Have a lovely Sunday. xx

    1. I wouldn't miss being at work for the world actually!! Have a lovely Sunday too!

  4. Such a treat to see a blog post from you this morning.
    We are all wallowing in snot here too. Andy being a man obviously has it so much worse than the rest of

    Absolutely loving your you mind me asking what line the fabric is's just beautiful.
    Some serious love going on here for Albie and Freddie they are both so cute.

    Sorry your half term has been a snotfest....I think everyone I know is down with it.
    Congratulations on your weight loss....that is awesome.

    1. Before I was ill I managed a snuggle with Albie and I got to feed him!! Sooo squishy!! The weight loss is going ok right now thank you, just hope I've not jinxed myself - I'm about half way to where I might be happy! It's a watch n see. I'm certainly not dieting nor am I starving or missing out. Why didn't I try SW years ago???

  5. Well done on the fantastic weight loss. Glad to that you are feeling better. I found that when I was ill my husband would catch up on my lost sleep and take complete sofa rest whilst I did all the work so now I kick him out of bed and I stay put. Lovely knitting and bag. Albie is so cute. Freddy looks so happy in them leaves.
    Best wishes

  6. Fantastic sewing and knitting, pom pom rug sounds fun. Wonderful shot of Freddie, hope you are feeling better soon, Christmas is such a fun time of year.

  7. Congratulations on your weight loss!! I'm sorry to hear you've had a cruddy holiday. Just not fair. Look at that sweet little babe (the actual baby, not the dog, although he's sweet too with his ears). Did you knit Albie's outfit? -Jenn

  8. Sorry to hear you've been ill, my husband and I are just recovering too. Seems to early to be flu season, but here it is. You've made some lovely things, really like the yellow bag.

  9. Lovely to see you back. For many years my holidays were spoiled by dreadful colds etc. I'm sure we hang on knowing that it's easier all round if we can promise ourselves a collapse soon. Your sewing is fab and I really must try the embroidery on my sewing machine. Keep well in the run up to the festive season when all weans are sent to school rehardless if what lurgies they may pass on because their mammies /daddies/grannies are all preparing for Christmas. Catriona

  10. Well, your woman flu sounds pretty rubbish, get well soon.

    Hearty congratulations on the weightloss! Love all the gorgeous things in your photos.

  11. That really is so, so unfair! The rest of the blog is lovely though. Fab photos and creations.
    J x

  12. Oh my, sometimes life really sucks and being laid flat on your holidays is just so unfair. Wonderful crafty selection though, some people are just too talented!! ;-)
    Hope you feel a lot better very soon!

  13. I enjoyed this post so much, sewing and food Oh My. Love the recipe,it is so like mine that I can follow it truly. gorgeous embroidery.

  14. hope your feeling better, loving your recipe sounds a bit like one of mine !
    great bag by the way.

  15. Yuk. I've come down with a strep throat too :o( I didn't look for where you coughed, but all the craft stuff is FAB! Especially love that bag, you clever lady, you. I'm a little concerned that you only weigh three stone.... :o) XX

  16. Well done on your slimming achievement! Love the Xmas embroidery! (I am maintaining my 2 stone 10.5 weight loss for the fifth week. I too love my group as it is full of characters and stories.) Hope you are beginning to feel better now.

    1. Well done you on your terrific weight loss too! X I'm starting to feel better now thanks x


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