Thursday 31 August 2017

Six week holidays snapshot.

It seems so long ago now, when I was planning all the things I was going to do. A lot I did, a lot I didn't! I'm still not fully unpacked from my holiday and I'm choosing to ignore it and blog, rather than tackle it!

So, this handsome little chap is Albie, my Great Nephew. Born 13 weeks early on Saturday the 29th
July.  My niece was fantastic and the hospital staff were amazing. He was 2lbs and 2oz. Exactly a bag of sugar.
He's now a month old, doing really well. He's moved into the next room of incubators and mostly breathing on his own. He just needs to grow and get fatter. Which he is doing slowly.
I got busy knitting and sewing!

I knit some teeny little hats and bootees for him. And then looked up incubator wraps online.

I bought two baby %100 cotton flannel cot sheets from Asda for £5. I figured the fabric is safe to use as it's for cots!

Cut them out and actually went wrong on my first attempt. As you can see below!

Today I'm going to have a go at some little vests. I traced around one that fits him now. He is so super teeny. He's a miracle. His nappies are the size of a tea bag! 

Other things I did and bought over the Summer. 

So the last photo tells a big story. I've never ever ever ever been to a weightloss branded group before. I joined one run by the health visitors after Miss 23 was born but that wasn't as daunting as it was to even make the decision to go. I had sweaty palms when I went. And because I've so many photos on this post, I'll post about SW next time. I'm not endorsing it or anything like that. It's more like I'm appearing in a Sitcom every week! 

Putting photos on the iPad takes ages and it causes the writing to jump and leap about. Maybe Fr Christmas might bring me a cheaply little notebook that I can blog more easily on. I'll have to send him a note up my chimney. 

In reply to some people on my last post, Annabeth, we stated in a lovely place called Tilford. Tilford Forest Lodges. It's not far from a town called Farnham. The choice was swung by the half price price!! Sometimes it pays to wait! And Marlene, I cannot believe you were so close to me on one of my day out! It was quite the last minute thing mind. 
I'll tell you all about Eddie next post too. 
Right, I must get up. I've sewing to do, coffee to drink, fresh fruit to eat and the chimney sweep  is 
coming. And my very first Ocado shop! How vair  middle aged/middle class am I to get excited over that?! Well, I got a voucher code in my SW magazine for £20 and free delivery for a year! They've only just started delivering in my area. So I thought it's worth it. Everything I've ordered will be used and it was all mostly on the offers/half price section. 
Tatty bye 
Rachel *how is this my last day off, I've so much to do and Miss 23 and Freddie are arriving today yippeeeeeee* Radiostar xxx

Ps. I watched Bake Off last night and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was brilliant and the two new presenters did a great job. I'm not watching it in real time however, because I cannot stand adverts! So I taped it and watched it a night later and FF through! Can't wait for the Jo Brand spin off on tonight. Love that too. 


  1. I loved it too. All the best bits are exactly the same and it will soon get momentum and flow just like the old one did. Sandy is a favourite of mine anyway and I have a lot of respect for Pru.
    Albie is so, gorgeous and your little things are cute beyond words. I'm so glad he is gaining in health and weight.
    I will be thinking of all my teaching friends, near and far, tomorrow and through next week. Hope it all goes well for you.
    Ocado stuff is great and you can't sniff at free delivery for a year. Worth getting the SW mag for. Which month is it, please?

    J x

  2. I am sure that most people - me included - will record and fast forward through the ads for bake off! Congratulations to your niece on the birth of her lovely son, hope he is home soon!

  3. Wow, all the baby items you made are great. As for you comments regarding bake off, it's totally what we said, we have put it on series link, and we can start watching it 10 mins later and fast forward the stupid ads. I'm just so glad you loved this area, we love living here. Enjoy School.

  4. Oh, that sweet little baby! I cannot imagine having a premie and not being able to take him or her home. The little wraps are going to be perfect. Can't wait to read more posts about your holidays. -Jenn

  5. Huge congratulations to your niece. Albie is gorgeous and it sounds like he's doing well.
    The tiny clothes are so cute. X

  6. I forgot bake off!!! Must do a catch up. So nice to see a post from you but oh my, that little baby! The docs are amazing aren't they? My friend is a midwife and I know how much they care and how hard they work. Lovely to catch up with your news and well done on braving slimming club xx

  7. Congratulations and welcome to Albie. Hope he is ready to go home soon and steadily growing into and out of those cute outfits.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family and fun with Freddie. Best wishes for next week and a good new school year.

  8. Glad to hear Albie is doing so well and what a lucky little boy to have a great-aunty who can sew and knit him lots of things.

    I've never been to a slimming club but Mum and my SIL have and they did really well. Can't wait to hear all about it 'Rachel style'.

    Loved Bake Off, hated the adverts so I may record and watch the next day but not sure as I'd probably have to have a complete media blackout and I do like to catch up with the daily rags in the morning.

    Amy is back at college on Monday and Thomas on Wednesday. I'm feeling super nervous about him going to High School. BTW no e-mail ever came through - just so you know I'm not ignoring you :) Hope your first week back at school goes well and you don't miss your bestest friend too much. xx

  9. Oh how sweet is Albie!

    I lived Bake Off too, pretty much the same, nice new presenters. I didn't even mind the ads as I chat on social media about it with my buddies, the breaks were ideal for that.

  10. Just catching up with you Rachel.
    So glad you have had a good and busy summer and I can't believe everyone is back at school already.
    Next thing Christmaaaaaaas....yay.

  11. Forgot to say Welcome little are so beautiful-x-


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