Saturday, 10 June 2017

Voting Day

Well, here is the General Election Day.
I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of all the pre election lies, spin and false promises from all the parties and all the arguing and vitriol against people who vote this way or that way. Then will come the endless guff and arguing from the side that didn't actually win.

That was the beginning of my post on all is still true especially the picking over the bones. The way I see it...despite a really really crap manifesto, the Tories got in, but the way in which the main opposition seems to have gained popularity needs to be taken into consideration. Whoever got in, I will still go to work, I will still pay my taxes and the world will keep turning. AND I will sporadically keep on blogging!

That's all for now,
Off to my sewing room

Love from
Rachel *keeping calm and blogging on* Radiostar xxx


  1. I splashed down to the community hall and made my mark. That way I feel entitled to have a moan if I want. I don't want, I can't be bothered. I will carry on carrying on regardless of who says what about whom and who "gets into bed with whom" Like you I will be sewing today.

  2. It's all a bit of a pickle at the moment and goodness knows what the outcome will be but I said just the same as you this morning. We still get up every morning and get on with our lives and keep on keeping on. X

  3. I really hated all the nastiness in the pre-election campaigning but I really enjoyed watching the results as they came in. I will definitely be doing that again.
    Had enough of it now though so I am not watching the news or reading anything more about it.
    I will also get onto some sewing shortly.

  4. I am sewing too. I am just glad the election is over.

  5. I wonder if I am the only one who sporadically reads and even sometimes even comments upon thy blog that does not actually sew? Well it would be most un-pirately of me if I did...

  6. I am sewing as well. The bitterness goes on, and not just within the parties either. Jo Public are pretty vocal on the social media sites, cruel and nasty they are. Those who didn't win are delusional, those who did win are out for blood. What a crazy world.


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