Saturday 7 January 2017

Saturday Silence

It's 7.59am and only I am awake. The only sounds I can hear are the ticking of the clock, the humming of the central heating, the occasional creaking of the stairs, a car outside is being scraped and defrosted and my clearing of my throat.

 Am sat on the recliner, feet up under a fluffy blanket happily ignoring the chaos of last night's tree removal, esconsed in Blogland. I am so knackered!

Yesterday we came back from a few days away and I had to take the tree down so was nearly midnight by the time I finished. I need to go to Dunelm today to get some more storage boxes. A lot of mine are cracked and so brittle now that even the duct tape holding them together is cracking! I might pop to Sainsrobbers and get a chicken to roast for a nice finale roast dinner to end my holidays. Back to work on Monday. Should feel totally ready, but with going away, I've not done half the stuff I should have in the house. And do you know what? I'm not even arsed.

Last year we had to back to school on the 2nd January - that was BRUTAL. This year, the NINTH, is practically Half Term already! That and the Cancer thing influenced my decision to book us three nights away in the Log Cabin that we stayed in in Summer. It was magical. Our lovely bedroom.

Being in the hot tub whilst it's so cold is magical. The starry sky was magical though I was narked to not see any shooting stars or and tinges of Northern Lights. We did a coastal walk.

Can you see the teeny weeny far away lighthouse? 

We walked right to it! 
Proof from my watch...

The HG looked like Scott of the Antarctic with his big fur lined hood up. It was freezing! I was red cheeked but it certainly blew away the cobwebs and doldrums. Also, Berwick is a FAR nicer place than it is in Summer. No horrid tourists clogging up the place! Just us nice ones. We went to Dunbar


heeded this.

on Thursday and it was glorious clear blue sky, sunny and also cold! I got out of the car first and being hot all the time declared to the HG he didn't need his coat on. I was fine. He was blue with cold!!! It was zero degrees when we got back to the car! Other people were wrapped up with bobble hats and scarves!  We saw a bonus big seal in the harbour too.

We returned to Eyemouth to look at the new monument that was revealed in October. Really poignant.

We even went beyond the 'danger  the tide will be over the wall so the prom is closed' barriers ( the tide was out )

I was really moved by this.
We found a couple of nice Garden Centres to mosy around and I made the ground breaking decision to start up a new colour scheme for the Christmas Dining room next year! The lounge will still be purple and silver for a few years to come ( mainly because I've about £10,000 of purple and silver decorations) but the new scheme will be bronzes and whites/glass and more natural of a feel. Everything I bought was half price. One thing I saw was crocheted snowflakes that had been stiffened with PVA glue and they were roughly £8 EACH! So I think I will be trying to make some of those for next year!

It's 8.18am now and I suppose I should make a start on today. I'll just go respond to all the comments on my last posts. I do think you are all brilliant for taking the time to add your bit and bobs to what I write. My sock loom knitting is coming along slowly but nicely. It's so easy to pick up and do a round. I'm busy reading The Dressmaker- the film really did bring it to life well, I've been jig sawing and I've just a strap to stitch onto the bag I made and it's finished. I want to do a couple of cushion covers too for the lounge. I really could do with another week off work!
 I did this while away, £1.49 from the charity shop and here's a shot of my delicious macaroni cheese lunch one day! Though I have to say it wasn't actually macaroni so I was a bit miffed.

Lots of love from

Rachel *had Quality Street for breakfast as she blogged* Radiostar xxx


  1. Are you finding your sock loom ok to use , I was thinking about buying one . In exchange for a friend knitting me an arran cardigan I agreed to knit two psirs of socks for another friends husband who has large feet [i think thats why she passed them off to me lol ].I can knit socks the conventional way and with using two circular needles but I thought I might try another method . I wondered how you were finding using one

    1. If I'm brutally honest, if I'd tried before I buyed, I'd probably not. But it was a gift and it is easy once you get to grips with the tension etc. My problem is really I'm not dedicated enough - too much else going on! I'll post some photos next post. Thanks for your comment Christine x

  2. I got up before everyone else too but started right in on laundry and making yogurt. I only had a few minutes peace and quiet before DH got up. Choccies for breakfast...yummy. I've been boring and had banana and yogurt. Lovely piccies. DH was back in the classroom on Tuesday 3rd, he didn't really feel like he'd had a break with Xmas and New Year being so busy with visitors etc. I'd say roll on half term for him but we'll likely spend the time packing up for the move. I packed up the decorations yesterday, bought a lovely long, deep plastic storage box from Morrisons for £10 and everything fitted in nicely with room to spare. I'm definitely putting a knitting loom on my wishlist. Hope your first day back at work is okay. Enjoy your weekend. Love, Helen xx

    1. Banana and yogurt is very healthy and I'm now off chocolate! Fed up of the sight of it. Helen, my Christmas Decorations are packed up in 12 of those long under the bed boxes!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.

    I really laughed at the tree bit - I'm afraid mine is up until Sunday when Beth and Al come to help me dismantle it - just a sort of tradition really. I will miss it - it's looked lovely this year!

    J x

  4. Oh your break away looks like a little piece of heaven.
    I was thinking about the sock loom too Rachel but I am not dedicated enough either so I think I might not invest in one...besides which...I want to give needle felting a go this year so that will be quite enough to be going on with.
    Just to let you know....I haven't done him in

  5. Most of my lovely Christmas dec's were purchased in January at half price, even our tree was got in Jan 2014, it's a great way to add to the stash. I got nothing this year, I really don't need any more. Hubby was grumpy with packing away 4 large storage boxes, a large suitcase and the tree box!
    Knitting with Alpaca wool is beautiful, it is so soft and silky, I will be looking for some double knitting wool for me, I can't wear wool because of my issues with lanolin.
    Can't wait to see your finishes.

  6. I'm glad you got away over the holidays. That monument looks pretty emotional. What does it represent? -Jenn

  7. You're a brave soul to be out in that cold, I'd rather be in with your jigsaw.

  8. you deserved a nice wintery break away. Glad you had a lovely time.
    I'm destined for oodles of bad luck then, with all the fairy lights I keep up in house and garden all year long.

    Hope all goes well on Monday. It was good to get Wednesday out of the way, but already it feels as if Christmas was aeons ago. Sitting here thinking about it, this time last week I still had everything up, can hardly believe it. Stupid time and it's speedy abilities.


  9. So glad you enjoyed Berwick this time round. I don't know when we'll next go away but Berwick is very close to the top of the wish list, I love it

  10. Lovely pictures. Had breakfast at work the other day of a mince pie and enough Cadbury's Roses to sink a battleship. Has to be done post Christmas xx

  11. Your time away must have been a tonic for you both. I'm so pleased you had a lovely time. The log cabin looks fab.
    From your photographs it looks very cold but beautiful. It's an area I've never been to, though I really should. And yes, so much better without those dreadful tourists! ;-) X

  12. Glad you enjoyed your break, what a perfect way to kick off 2017. I've just read about the Tyemouth monument - very sad that so many lives were lost, but also interesting that each figure represents an actual woman or child left behind. I've seen The Dressmaker and thought it was a great film but it made me cry when Ted died. Love your jigsaw, bet you knew all the names of the birds didn't you. Amy is back to college tomorrow, it seems like the Christmas hols have been going on forever with them both finishing at different times. Hope you enjoy your first week back at school. Will you be starting in your new role or are you still in class? xx


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