Wednesday 2 September 2015

Summer Ho - oh, it's over

I'm sorry folks, I'm a bit Mel Gibson this morning. 
Ya know 
'They cannae tek ma frrrreedom' whilst being dragged off to be hung, drawn and quartered. 

Yes, a tad over dramatic but it's how I feel! 

We have two scintillating days of INSET before the cherubs descend on Friday!  

Oh you know me, I LOVE my job and my work chums! It's actually great catching up with everyone, setting up the classroom, everything all new, clean and tidy! I'm looking forward to seeing my little clan on Friday - I've missed them! 

It's also a bit strange not to be getting a child up for school! He's still applying for apprentice accountancy positions. Fingers crossed someone takes him on and gives him a chance. 

Before we went away, my washing machine, which is only three years old, started showing me distressing pictures on its fancy pants LED display. It wouldn't drain, telling me there was a blockage and I'd to check the drainage hose/filter thingy which we duly did. It got a good clean too but refused to work! I was covered by insurance but the engineer couldn't come till Tuesday ( yesterday ). 

He rang at 9am to say he'd be here betwixt 4 and 6. I spent the day pottering around in house and garden. 
At 4.30pm he turned up. All 6ft 8" of him!! He'd brought a new pump with him. He was rather bemused though. 

His paperwork said house no.18 ( I live nextdoor to No. 18!!!! )

He knocked. The door opened and he was talked at non stop. He couldn't get a word in. He was taken right through the house to the outside shed. He was wearing a T Shirt with the words 


He managed to interject with. 
"No, I'm here to look at a washing machine."
My neighbour said no, my washer is fine, you are here to look at my shed 
door !!! 
He had quite a discussion with her over it! 

He was glad to get away!! She is a bit nuts whole hazelnuts, but lovely with it. It made me laugh though! Things that didn't make me laugh was the absolutely rank sewer like smell radiating from my washer as he fixed it!! It was pungent. It'd been sat for a week mind but I will make more of an effort to do the Tub Clean cycle more often! 

These are just a few more of the bulbs I bought with my birthday money. I'll be planting them at the weekend. I love a bit of spring colour! 

Are you lot 'back to' anything this week? 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *Braveheart* Radiostar xxx


  1. That poor bloke, first his senses then his nose assaulted!! ;-) I know what you mean about the smell, you've reminded me it's time to do mine as well. Always puzzles me.....the machine gets run through with lovely smelling washing liquid every couple of days, how come it turns that nice smell into something revolting?

    Anyhow, I hope you get over your back to work shock and settle in quickly. Lovely bulbs, especially those gorgeous deep purple frilly tulips.

    1. I'm going to dot them about this weekend and look forward to the display in spring

  2. Back to getting L up for school. That will take a Braveheart! Xx

  3. Nope! :-) Yesterday I had no contract for the first time in goodness knows how long. Today my new contract takes effect. One day a week. I have now retired!
    Have a great INSET!
    J x

    1. The inset was one of the best I gave ever been to! All about changing mindset

  4. Yep back to work today after having a long weekend with an extra day tagged on to the end. I still think work gets in the way of my crafting time. That an the dreaded housework one is expected to do.

  5. Nope here too. All the best for you for the new term.

  6. Yep: back to work, but also back to plotting when I can get to meet up with you guys again!!

  7. I have a 'Hazelnut' neighbour too but she is proper nuts so not so nice, she used to send Mike letters at one time! Mine was back at school today but I'm on countdown to October half term now. Love the bulbs I've started to keep the labels of my plants so I shall have to make a Waitrose trip as I love the pictures on your bags. Oh your poor washing machine engineer! Have a good term Braveheart xx

    1. I'd love to have read those letters!! I'm on a countdown to half term too!!

  8. Nope. L is back to school next Tuesday and I'm back on Wednesday. So looking forward to half term (got plans for a special day) Bulbs look really nice.
    Enjoy your return to school.

    1. Actually, it was a very enjoyable day with the class! Long may it continue!!


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