Wednesday 9 September 2015

So far this week

written the sentence 
'Child X was being gangbanged by everyone' in regards to an incident at playtime!!! 

Diagnosed impetigo

Fixed a broken zip on a pencil case

Sorted out numerous lists and admin jobs

Walked into the wrong classroom at least once a day

Spoke to a few parents

Worked jolly hard at Maths and English

Committed serious fraud*

Found a 1cm silvery/grey diameter nut from a scooter wheel on the massive gravel/concrete/silvery grey playground

Helped a colleague with their new role in school by offering up all my resources ( that no one did for me by the way )

Made a full Roast Beef dinner on a school night

Soothed a little soul at school undergoing massive change in their life

Implemented our new school 'Growth Mindset' ethos - the inset was brilliant - I'll prattle on about it another time , as much as I can 

Spent £65 last night in Asda on tuna. Skipjack. Three tins. Line caught. In brine. 

Eaten about five bananas, five plums, two apples, broccoli, spinach and sprouts. No unrefined sugar has passed my lips ( since Monday) 

Been on the rowing machine for five minutes

Completed 2 online jigsaws ( not whilst on the rowing machine! )

Laughed my head off at back to back episodes of Impractical Jokers

Tuned the new digital radio ( thankfully ) eventually from Radio 1 to Radio 2

Been appaulled and upset by the continuing plight of the desperate situation facing the people fleeing Syria

Enjoyed the bloggy adventures of the people on my reading list

Been fast asleep well before 10pm most nights

Woke up at 3am for a wee every night- all the bloody water I'm drinking!

Used dry shampoo one day

Washed my hair the day after

*Pretended to be Miss 21.Phoned EE, phoned Apple, went to the EE store, phoned Apple, emailed proof of purchase, was told that wasn't enough, we needed a receipt, phoned EE, went back to EE store, had confirmation of the fact the phone had indeed been sourced online and not instore ( LIKE WE ALREADY FLIPPING WELL KNEW ) so no such receipt was available, phoned Apple, phoned EE, phoned Apple, FINALLY FINALLY spoke to a lovely Apple Person who talked me down errrr I mean talked me through resetting the iPhone that Miss 21 has locked herself out of. 

Got giddy because I remembered it's Bake Off tonight.

Posted this post!! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel * must get on with my knitting* Radiostar xx 


  1. Hey buddy!!
    I've got loads to tell you x x x

  2. What a busy week you've been having. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Hello ;-) thanks for commenting!! I'm a bit sporadic at posting but feel free to rummage in my archives!!

  3. :-) Sounds like you have been having a good time! Glad you sorted the phone at last!
    J x

  4. made me dizzy just reading that list. Maybe I should list all the things I do each day/week because sometimes it seems I achieve nothing and then I think back and realise I did this and that and that and this and I've actually hardly stopped. Even when I sit and watch TV I generally have knitting or sewing or something else going on at the same time. BTW, did you really mean to write 'gang-banged' do know that has sexual conotations? Sounds like you've been dealing with the usual mess that is the beginning of a new school year, though...frenetic as always. Hope things calm down a bit as everyone settles in. Well done with the healthy eating amidst all the chaos. I've slipped a bit lately and been comfort eating. Still just within my target allowance but at the higher end and feeling the extra few lbs around my middle. Keep up the good work. Love, Helen xx

  5. Helen, that's the EXACT reason I wrote the post. I sat and thought I was being so lazy as I'd not done anything!!
    I do know what gang banging is !!! But according to the child I was talking to ... Me and you probably know it as
    All Pile On!!! Totally innocent!

  6. Just discovered this post after I had posted a post with nearly the same title, but your week so far is MUCH more interesting than mine!

    1. We are going to have to disagree here!! Yours is easily the more interesting!

  7. Go girl, but take it easy on the rowing machine, don't want to get ahead of yourself. Love the fact you sorted the phone, often pretend to be someone else to get past 'data protection' at work. Bake off was great last night, did you see Doctor Foster afterwards, good start to series

    1. Seriously Marlene, I'm so unfit, five minutes was all I could do without having a coronary!! Doctor Foster was excellent- the bonus of dark nights is that the telly gets better!!

  8. Well done. You may continue.

  9. Goodness I'm shattered for you :)

  10. Goodness I am tired for you

  11. oh your blog posts are so good.
    This one has had me roaring with laughter in places, going 'aww' in others. School life is tough for teenies sometimes. :o/
    Getting up for wee at 3 really cracked me up. My time is between 1 & 3, every night. It's good to know I'm not alone!
    hurrah it's Friday! x

    1. We could set up a 3am weeers club!! Although last night - not wanting to brag or anything- I SLEPT THROUGH!!

  12. Flipping Heck Rachel. How many days have you been back at work :) Glad you've finally got the phone sorted out. And what is it about 3am wees? If I only get up once in the night I'm doing well. xx

  13. You do make me laugh. Even homeschooling brings it's trials at the beginning of a new school year. This year's trial was me forgetting to buy a pencil sharpener ready to start the years work with! How do boys break so many pencils?
    I'm with you, Radio 2 all the way x

    1. You will have a drawer somewhere in your house that will be hiding at least 5 pencil sharpeners!!


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