Saturday 11 April 2015

Thanks for your opinions...

I went with option 2! 
Ta Daaaa! 
Lots of photos in different lights make it look like two cardis! 
Round the back 
I had some button decisions to make...
 I went with just the little purple ones! 

I'm just knitting a little hat with the rest of the ball. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of the recipient wearing her new cardi soon! 
Thanks again for all your help - I hope those who voted option one are not too upset!! 

Love from
Rachel *back at work Monday* Radiostar


  1. I like it especially the buttons

  2. It's incredibly pretty. I love the border. Sometimes I don't think non-knitters appreciate the angst we go through with the decisions we have to make about our garments and projects!

  3. Love it! It looks fab- well done you xxx

  4. I didn't see your post so didn't vote, the purple buttons are my favourite though x

  5. Poop to the 'back to work Monday'! Xx

  6. I'll just wipe away my tears and say - hey the card looks great.

  7. Both would have looked lovely and I'm sure the recipient is going to look gorgeous.


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