Tuesday 27 May 2014

I'm *supposed* to be on holiday....

The Hunter Gatherer went back to work today. As usual we were awake at six, I got up and made his lunch. I am too nice!! Instead of going to bed I seized the carp ( sic)  and ironed. I sorted out the bedding/towel cupboard. Remade the beds. Hoovered up. Tidied the kitchen. Mowed the lawn ( to get to the mower is a job in itself! ) , filled five rubble bags with erm rubble from where the drains are being dug up, weeded, pegged out and completed the utterly hideous task of cleaning and disinfecting the bins.

I managed to fit in whizzing through the Soap awards - fact about me, I adore awards shows. Also I watched an episode of Charmed - the one where they find out Cole is in fact Balthazar. I watched that show religiously years ago. I was irritated by it today! It would seem, the level of crap TV I watch has gone up a notch! One word. Revenge. It's twisty turns of ridiculousness, complete with wooden acting and bad plastic surgery holds me captive! I chuffing love it!!

I took delivery of my billion pound big shop from Tesco, for only £1 off the most charming cheeky delivery man! I never have been flirted with so hard n fast in a long time! I'm going to book him again next time!!

I am so pleased that my last post reached so many views. I know at least five people now know the signs of eye cancer.

So, what of tomorrow? I am expecting delivery of my new phone. Unlike Tesco, who delivered at 3.10pm like they said they would, my phone could be delivered between 8am and 6pm. If I miss delivery, I will be charged too!! So more rubble shifting and weeding if the sun shines, more tidying and a list of to do phone calls to make. Two episodes of Revenge and some baking! I'll be glad to get back to work for a rest!

What are you up to this half term week?

Rachel *absolutely whacked out * Radiostar xx

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  1. Half term? That's got to be the fifth one this year!


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