Sunday 11 May 2014


The pair of socks I started way back int Black & White Days! 2012 - I blogged it here! The start of the socks I finally grafted the final twenty stitches - which, by the way, I adored doing and I've now got them on! They are cosy and I'm chuffed to bits with myself! Proper socks! They'd better not unravel int first wash!!

Can you tell which one I did first? I've never knitted socks before. I'd never used double pointed needles before. 

I love the self stripey wool. It blows my

They fit perfectly on my trotters! I loves 'em! 
Something else I love is my colour changing nail varnish.
The colder I am, the darker it goes. This one is called Cola. 
See? My nail tip must be cold! I am way easily amused! Hours of fun at my own fingertips! 

So now I'm going to have a whizz through my patterns to choose my next knit! 

What have you finally finished lately? 

Rachel Wearing Socks Radiostar xx 


  1. Well done! Turning the heel is such an achievement.

    Now, aren't you thinking "it really wasn't that hard?"!

  2. Nice socks and well done for finishing them. Where did you get that nail varnish? L would love some colour changing varnish to go in her vast collection.


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