Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day

Am I dressing up? Am I shite. If I had my way, I'd spend WBD in bed reading books.
I am going in my usual clothes for a whole host of reasons.

1. I am there for the poor little souls who have parents who cannot be arsed to sort out a costume/who have no money to come up with a costume. Frankly, half the kids come in football strips or fancy dress outfits from Asda.
They are supposed to come as their favourite character from a book. Most of these children don't have books at home.
So for those children in uniform today - I am there so they do not feel isolated and any worse than they will do already.

2. *I* truly cannot be arsed nor do I have spare funds or time to search for a full on prostitute outfit. ( I am currently reading my Mother in Law's collection of Martina Cole books. Prostitution and East End Mafiaesque crime feature heavily. )

3. I have not had crisps for three days. Three whole days. Healthy Eating is RUBBISH.
Making me wear something uncomfortable and unfamiliar all day PLUS the crisps cold turkey withdrawal DTs could potentially end up with serious crime.

4. There are probably lots of reasons that I have forgotten about.

I have dressed up in the past for Fancy Dress parties and somewhere  in my blog is a photo of little old me dressed up as a Hot Dog - nothing to do with Martina Cole - but a full on mechanically recovered meat snack in a bun WITH mustard. Actually it was great. Hot Dog Costumes hide a multitude of sins.

What are you dressing you/your children up as today? Fancy Dress Faux Pas? I'd love to hear from you...

Rachel x


  1. "I have not had crisps for three days. Three whole days. Healthy Eating is RUBBISH. " You do make me laugh, squidgy! ;o)

  2. My daughter used to go to a tiny church school with some very competitive parents so no outfit was not an option. She once went as Veruca Salt as she was a Roald Dahl fan and probably the best one The Cat in the Hat. Its so sad children don't read much anymore so anything to promote it is good.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I can assure you that you would never find me in any football strip ever. If I was ever to wear any sporty gear ( ha the very thought ) it would be a RUGBY union kit!

  4. Mwahahaha! I have just blogged about this!

    One of the TAs I work with dressed as Nanny McPhee - it was soooooo accurate!!!


    1. Did banging her magic stick on the floor work?!

  5. Hi, don't know how I arrived at your blog but have just spent the last 'don't know how long' reading it. (Great reading.) Sorry, but I didn't dress up for World Book Day. Been there, done that and won't be doing it again! I've been reading a book with a prostitute theme but I ditched the suspenders years ago!
    Love from Mum

  6. Hello Mum, your comment made my day today! I think you leave lovely comments on Fostermummy, FrugalQueen and Arwedd's blog!
    Glad you liked what you've read.
    Rachel x


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