Wednesday 3 October 2012

Braised Cartilage/Bruised Cabbage

Bruised Cartilage, it sounds a little bit like braised cabbage; both absolutely STINK!

This is the message I sent to the lady boss at work today.

I'd spoken to her earlier to say I was going up to the hospital for an xray.

"Hi, x ray inconclusive, it's all very swollen inside. Didnt help by how he examined it pulling and twisting and bending! Ouch! Plus had to sit n make small talk with ( insert name of infamous parent ) who was there with ( insert name of infamous offspring ) Anyway he said I have Bruised Cartilage, where it was squeezed out then popped back in, 'violently' wrenched tendons/ligaments and possible grating of bone as a result. Rest it for 48 hours, ice pack, ibuprofen. Exercises to do after that n be careful with it. If no better go back. Then I will be referred to Ortho. So I'm not going to be back til Monday. Sorry! I could teach by conference, ( I waffled on about the various classes I've got to do ) I've got my
Mobile with me ( on the sofa ) if you need to ring me. "

Yesterday was when I braised my cabbage . Picture the scene. I'm teaching in y3. I'm walking at the front of the classroom and it's proper cluttered to start with. In front of the board, totally in the way is a tiny little chair.( I have complained about this chair before ), I stepped back as I was talking to the children and my calves hit the front edge of the chair. About 5inches off the floor. Well I overbalanced backwards, it tipped me back and I fell into it, going down like a sack o spuds as my 'friend' later recalled ( harrumph!! ) sitting down so my knee bent fully very quickly clicking and crunching and wrenching. Its a soft chair so my bottom was lower than my knee . It happened so quickly, I had nothing to hold onto to break my fall. A millisecond of silence then laughter! Good natured laughter from the class! I'd have been splitting my sides too. I did laugh, good job really because I really wanted to cry.

How I didn't scream out " insert really bad swear word in capital letters here " I don't know, but me and 32 7/8 yos laughed our heads off!! Inside I was crying. It really really hurt. I made the children laugh even more by saying it was a good job my legs hadn't been flung up in the air!

Then somehow I hobbled home at lunchtime, as soon as the door closed I did cry. Anyway I sat with it up with a bag of ice on it, took max strength pain killers, strapped it up and hobbled back, dragging my burning cross of martyrdom behind me. I'll be fine, I said to alarmed colleagues.

Last night, I wasn't fine. It hurt. So this morning my sister took me to the brand spanking new Minor Injuries Unit - and the rest you already know!

Accident book will be fully filled in that's for certain when I go back on Monday. Now I just have to get practising with these crutches!

I can't caption the pictures I got off google, but one is braised cabbage, the other isn't.


  1. I'm guessing the chair was removed or thrown through the window.
    Jane x
    PS OUCH!!!

    1. The chair was photographed! Incase of blame/claim needs!!

  2. ChippyChin from Twitter3 October 2012 at 21:26

    Okay the pictures are gross, but you are such an amazing person! I would have cussed -and- cried! The fact that you were so strong for your students just confirms what I'd already figured out - you're awesome. :) Heal quickly, Superwoman!

    1. Aww thanks Chippy! Your comments are always so lovely! I only did what anyone else would have! I couldn't alarm the children :-)

  3. Rachel you were so brave. I would have been carried out in a stretcher. Those kids would have learned a whole new vocabulary from me.

    Rest easy and play lots of Spider.

  4. Haha Vivian,
    Picture the scene at sometime.
    "Mummy, what does %^*%#~#% mean? !!!

  5. Oh no! I can imagine the children laughing, anything the teacher does wrong is so HILARIOUS! Get well soon x

  6. OUCH! Feel better, sweetheart.

  7. The brand spanking new Minor Injuries Unit would have been better if it had been decorated with young fit handsome doctors not the miserable middle aged irish one we got. Lol. Even the workmen were minging, and not even a handsome paramedic to be seen any where (thats cos Dan was at home snigger har har)

  8. Offending chair...still there!


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