Tuesday 30 October 2012

10 things that make me smile

This comes from a lovely idea for a linky from the equally lovely FrugalMummy. Read her lovely post with the original link * HERE * . She requested that , in these days of doom and gloom, despite ( or perhaps ) Christmas being round the corner, she wondered what 10 things can make us smile.

Now I am a very smiley person. It's going to be hard to narrow it down to 10.  I won't post the things that made me laugh out loud for they are in a class of their own! Also, just as the Delicious Dermot on X factor says. My choices are in no particular order!

1. My Rose Tinted Glasses. I am often found to be wearing them as I think about things and memories from well, yesterday backwards to as far as I can remember! ( Going to Playschool about three years old. ) My Rose Tinted Glasses are fabulous for they only definitely work for the good memories. So one I'm smiling about now is walking my dolls parm round the park with my beloved Nanna.

2. Sitting in front of my roaring coal fire on a wet Sunday afternoon, where the rain is lashing at the windows. I am with loved ones, with my feet up, something delicious in the oven for tea and something good on the telly. Bliss.

3. My children and my Hunter Gatherer.

4. Other people's toddlers having tantrums at the checkout. I smile supportively at the poor harassed parent. I smile smugly because I have been there and done that.

5. Christmas trees twinkling in the dark.

6. Nights in with my girlfriends

7. When someone opens a gift from you and genuinely likes it. Or when I knit things for people and I see them using it.

8. When Harry smiles and says my name.

9. Getting a good bargain anywhere.

10. Hearing good things about my children from other people - be it on Parent's Evening, family or friends messages or strangers.

I've tried to keep it quite short. Otherwise I'll find myself wistfully dreaming of good things and get nothing else done! Please add your Top Ten Things that make you smile, either here as a comment, or using the linky on FrugalMummy's blog.

Rachel xx


  1. These all made me smile, and vow to try and find my way back to the very smiley person I used to be. xx thank you for the very timely nudge in the right direction xxx

    1. Do you know FM, you have the EXACT same effect on me xx

  2. This made me smile! Thanks for that. xo

  3. Lovely Rachel I think I am also going to do one. It is great to remember all the things we have that make us happy.

  4. Great list! FM has inspired many!


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