Saturday 25 February 2012


Which one of you has taken BOTH leads for my walkman?

No, not my original house brick sized sony walkman cassette player from my youth. The main reason being - THEY DID NOT HAVE LEADS. They did not have rewind buttons either. Just play, FF and stop. If you were like me back in the day and would tape the top 40 off the radio, using the pause button to cut Kid Jenson or Mike Read off in their prime, without that 'slippy' noise  you would have had ONE favourite song at a time.
The routine would be play the song, open the walkman, turn the cassette over, FF to the end, turn cassette back over and replay song.
Jim Diamond - I should have known better springs to mind.

I'm talking about my pre ipod walkman digital mp3 player. Its perfectly fine and I love it except I need to charge it up through a computer and it has a specific lead. Mr Radio too has a swanky Sony Walkman mp3 player with the same lead. BUT a mystery burglar has sneaked in, past all the crap in the hall, stairs and landing, ignored the million poundsworth of varied crap scattered around, sneaked in and nicked the leads. It's the ONLY plausible explanation.

If YOU have my leads, then I would like you to simply return them and place them on my computer desk and there will be no further action.

I have a post half written about the lastest jumper what I knit, but have been trying to collate the photographs in a grown up ordered fashin and its taking a while. It may be published tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry, it was me.

    I had that exact thing when I was a kid - a Walkman with no rewind button. AWESOME.


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