Tuesday 14 November 2023

So I have exciting news!

 In approximately 20 weeks time, myself and the HG will become grandparents! Our beautiful daughter Miss 29 and her beau are expecting a darling baby at the end of March and we are so over the moon, I’ve been floating in Outer Space

Yes of course the knitting needles have been click clacking away as much as my shoulders will allow! I have been adding to the stash for a while and it can now be deployed! 

This is a little matinee jacket and bootees ( need the ribbons in ) which was knitted over summer in 4ply hand spun yarn. It is so soft.

They decided not to find out what flavour baby and I am so pleased about that. There are no real surprises in life that can be better! I know the practical reasons for finding out and each to their own. There is a baby shower in February- a totally alien concept to me and I’m quite glad there’ll be no gender reveal shenanigansl! 

My next post will be all about one thing she specifically requested! It’s involved a lot of planning and preparation and it is underway! I didn’t even know they were a thing!! 

Lots of love from a very happy Nanna to be! X 

PS SOOZE - thrilled to bits for you with your impending move! 

To Sue and Marlene and all my favourite bloggers - I am still reading and loving your posts - just cannot comment which I will make more of an effort and will deploy my laptop more! 


  1. so pleased for all of you . we can't wait as well for your new arrival x

  2. Nanna Rachel - ooh lovely!! Congratulations to you all. The matinee jacket is so pretty. And aww bless, thank you! xx

  3. Lovely news. It's great fun being a Grandparent - enjoy every moment

  4. That's the best news ever, you will be joining in on all the fun. Our daughter did not find the gender until each of her three were born. Your knitting is stunning, 4ply is such a great weight for baby clothes. Have you book the first sleep over, these days I go and sleep at their house and spoil them. Nothing beats a new baby in the family.

  5. Such wonderful news! Congratulations! -Jenn

  6. Congratulations, its the best thing in the world being a Granny. My granddaughter is 7 going on 27 and she is a joy. We see her every week. Our daughter did want to know what she was having. One thing though you will never have any spare cash as it gets spent on the child! Gill Xx

  7. Congrats!!! What lovely news!!! Dawn Pinnataro Albany, Georgia USA

  8. Fantastic news! Congratulations and keeeeep knitting!! Annabeth x

  9. That is wonderful news. Huge congratulations! X


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